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Autor: (Danijel Turina)
Datum: 1997-06-20 14:55:20
Tema: Raja yoga 4/4
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While the majority accept on faith the belief in the Immortality of the
Soul, yet but few are aware that it may be demonstrated by the soul
itself. The Yogi Masters teach the Candidates this lesson, as follows:
The Candidate places himself in the State of Meditation, or at least in
a thoughtful frame of mind, and then endeavors to "imagine" himself as
"dead"-that is, he tries to form a mental conception of himself as dead.
This, at first thought, appears a very easy thing to imagine, but as a
matter of fact it is impossible to do so, for the Ego refuses to
entertain the proposition, and finds it impossible to imagine it. Try it
for yourself. You will find that you may be able to imagine your body as
lying still and lifeless, but the same thought finds that in so doing
You are standing and looking at the body. So you see that You are not
dead at all, even in imagination, although the body may be. Or, if you
refuse to disentangle yourself from your body, in imagination, you may
think of your body as dead but You who refuse to leave it are still
alive and recognize the dead body as a thing apart from your Real Self.
No matter how you may twist it you cannot imagine yourself as dead. The
Ego insists upon being alive in any of these thoughts, and thus finds
that it has within itself the sense and assurance of Immortality. In
case, of sleep or stupor resulting from a blow, or from narcotics or
anesthetics, the mind is apparently blank, but the "I" is conscious of a
continuity of existence. And so one may imagine himself as being in an
unconscious state, or asleep, quite easily, and sees the possibility of
such a state, but when it comes to imagining the "I" as dead, the mind
utterly refuses to do the work. This wonderful fact that the soul
carries within itself the evidence of its own immortality is a glorious
thing, but one must have reached a degree of unfoldment before he is
able to grasp its full significance.
The Candidate is advised to investigate the above statement for himself;
by meditation and concentration, for in order that the "I" may know its
true nature and possibilities, it must realize that it cannot be
destroyed or killed. It must know what it is before it is able to
manifest its nature. So do not leave this part of the teaching until you
have mastered it. And it is well occasionally to return to it, in order
that you may impress upon the mind the fact of your immortal and eternal
nature. The mere glimmering of this conception of truth w ill give you
an increased sense of strength and power, and you will find that your
Self has expanded and grown, and that you are more of a power and Centre
than you have heretofore realized.
The following exercises are useful in bringing about a realization of
the invincibility of the Ego-its superiority to the elements.
Place yourself in the State of Meditation, and imagine the "I" as
withdrawn from the body. See it passing through the tests of air, fire
and water unharmed. The body being out of the way, the soul is seen to
be able of passing through the air at will-of floating like a bird-of
soaring-of traveling in the ether. It may be seen as able to pass
through fire without harm and without sensation, for the elements affect
only the physical body, not the Real "I." Likewise it may be seen as
passing through water without discomfort or danger or hurt.
This meditation will give you a sense of superiority and strength, and
will show you something of the nature of the real "I." It is true that
you are confined in the body; and the body may be affected by the
elements, but the knowledge that the Real "I" is superior to the
body-superior to the elements that affect the body-and cannot be injured
any more than it can be killed, is wonderful, and tends to develop the
full "I" consciousness within you. For You-the Real "I" are not body.
You are Spirit. The Ego is Immortal and Invincible, and cannot be killed
and harmed. When you enter into this realization and consciousness, you
will feel an influx of strength and power impossible to describe. Fear
will fall from you like a worn-out cloak, and you will feel that you are
"born again." An understanding of this thought, will show you that the
things that we have been fearing cannot affect the Real "I," but must
rest content with hurting the physical body. And they may be warded off
from the physical body by a proper understanding and application of the
In our next lesson, you will be taught how to separate the "I" from the
mechanism of the mind how you may realize your mastery of the mind, just
as you now realize your independence of the body. This knowledge must be
imparted to you by degrees, and you must place your feet firmly upon one
round of the ladder before you take the next step.
The watchword of this First Lesson is "I." And the Candidate must enter
fully into its meaning before
he is able to progress. He must realize his real existence-independent
of the body. He must see himself as invincible and impervious to harm,
hurt, or death. He must see himself as a great Centre of Consciousness-a
Sun around which his world revolves. Then will come to him a new
strength. He will feel a calm dignity and power, which will be apparent
to those with whom he comes in contact. He will be able to look the
world in the face without flinching, and without fear, for he will
realize the nature and power of the ''I." He will realize that he is a
Centre of Power-of Influence. He will realize that nothing can harm the
"I," and that no matter how the storms of life may dash upon the
personality, the real "I" the Individuality-is unharmed. Like a rock
that stands steadfast throughout the storm, so does the "I" stand
through the tempests of the life of personality. And he will know that
as he grows in realization, he will be able to control these storms and
bid them be still.
In the words of one of the Yogi Masters : "The 'I' is eternal. It passes
unharmed through the fire,
the air, the water. Sword and spear cannot kill or wound it. It cannot
die. The trials of the physical life are but as dreams to it. Resting
secure in the knowledge of the 'I;' Man may smile at the worst the world
has to offer, and raising his hand he may bid them disappear into the
mist from which they emerged. Blessed is he who can say
(understandingly) 'I'"
So dear Candidate, we leave you to master the First Lesson. Be not
discouraged if your progress be slow. Be not cast down if you slip back
a step after having gained it. You will gain two at the next step.
Success and realization will be yours. Mastery is before. You will
Attain. You will Accomplish. Peace be with you.


"I" am a Centre. Around me revolves my world.
"I" am a Centre of Influence and Power.
"I" am a Centre of Thought and Consciousness.
"I" am Independent of the Body.
"I" am Immortal and cannot be Destroyed.
"I" am Invincible and cannot be Injured.

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Autor: (Danijel Turina)
Datum: 1997-06-20 14:55:19
Tema: Raja yoga 1/4
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Eto, buduci da je bilo rijeci o Raja-yogi te da se materijali o istoj ne
nalaze bas na svakom cosku, pustio sam prvo poglavlje Ramacharakine
knjige kroz scanner. Ako naidjete na cudne znakove po tekstu, zna se
odakle su - to su bugovi iz Recognite. :)

Yogi Ramacharaka: "RAJA YOGA or mental development"

THE "I."

In India, the Candidates for Initiation into the science of
"Raja Yoga," when they apply to the Yogi Masters for instruction, are
given a series of lessons designed to enlighten them regarding the
nature of the Real Self, and to instruct them in the secret knowledge
whereby they may develop the consciousness and realization of the real
"I" within them. They are shown how they may cast aside the erroneous or
imperfect knowledge regarding their real identity. Until the Candidate
masters this instruction, or at least until the truth becomes fixed in
his consciousness, further instruction is denied him, for it is held
that until he has awakened to a conscious realization of his Actual
Identity, he is not able to understand the source of his power, and,
moreover, is not able to feel within him the power of the Will, which
power underlies the entire teachings of "Raja Yoga." The Yogi Masters
are not satisfied if the Candidate forms merely a clear intellectual
conception of this Actual Identity, but they insist that he must feel
the truth of the same-must become aware of the Real Self-must enter into
a consciousness in which the realization becomes a part of his everyday
self-in which the realizing consciousness becomes the prevailing idea in
his mind, around which his entire thoughts and actions revolve. To some
Candidates, this realization comes like a lightning flash the moment the
attention is directed toward it, while in other cases the Candidates
find it necessary to follow a rigorous course of training before they
acquire the realization in consciousness. The Yogi Masters teach that
there are two degrees of this awakening consciousness of the Real Self.
The first, which they call "the Consciousness of the 'I'," is the full
consciousness of real existence that comes to the Candidate, and which
causes him to know that he is a real entity having a life not depending
upon the body-life that will go on in spite of the destruction of the
body-real life, in fact. The second degree, which the call "the
Consciousness of the 'I AM'" , is the consciousness of one's identity
with the Universal Life, and his relationship to, and "in-touchness"
with all Life, expressed and unexpresscd. These two degrees of
consciousness come in time to all who seek "The Path." To some it comes
suddenly; to others it dawns gradually; to many it comes assisted by the
exercises and practical work of Raja Yoga. The first lesson of the Yogi
Masters to the Candidates, leading up to the first degree, above
mentioned, is as follows: That the Supreme Intelligence of the
Universe-the Absolute-has manifested the being that we ca11 Man-the
highest manifestation on this planet. The Absolute has manifested an
infinitude of forms of life in the Universe, including distant worlds,
suns, planets, etc., many of these forms being unknown to us on this
planet, and being impossible of conception by the mind of the ordinary
man. But these lessons have nothing to do with that part of the
philosophy which deals with these myriad forms of life, far our time
will be taken up with the unfoldment in the mind of man of his true
nature and power. Before man attempts to solve the secrets of the
Universe without, he should master the Universe within-the Kingdom of
the Self. When he has accomplished this, then he may, and should, go
forth to gain the outer knowledge as a Master demanding its secrets,
rather than as a slave begging for the crumbs from the table of
knowledge. The first knowledge for the Candidate is the knowledge of the
Self. Man, the highest manifestation of the Absolute, as far as this
planet is concerned, is a wonderfully organized being-a1though the
average man understands but little of his real nature. He comprises
within his physical, mental and spiritual make-up both the highest and
the lowest, as we have shown in our previous lessons (the "Fourteen
Lessons" and the "Advanced Course"). In his bones he manifests almost in
the form of mineral life, in fact, in his bones, body, and blood mineral
substances actually exist. The physical life of the body resembles the
life of the plant. Many of the physical desires and emotions are akin to
those of the lower animals, and in the undeveloped man these desires and
emotions predominate and overpower the higher nature, which latter is
scarcely in evidence. Then Man has a set of mental characteristics that
are his own, and which are not possessed by the lower animals (See
"Fourteen Lessons"). And in addition to the mental faculties common to
all men, or rather, that are in evidence in a greater or lesser degree
among all men, there are still higher faculties latent within Man, which
when manifested and expressed render Man more than ordinary Man. The
unfoldment of these latent faculties is possible to all who have reached
the proper stage of development, and the desire and hunger of the
student for this instruction is caused by the pressure of these
unfolding latent faculties, crying to be born into consciousness. Then
there is that wonderful thing, the Will, which is but faintly understood
by those ignorant of the Yogi Philosophy-the Power of the Ego -its
birthright from the Absolute. But while these mental and physical things
belong to Man, they are not the Man himself. Before the Man is able to
master, control, and direct the things belonging to him-his tools and
instruments-he must awaken to a realization of Himself. He must be able
to distinguish between the "I" and the "Not I." And this is the first
task before the Candidate. That which is the Real Self of Man is the
Divine Spark sent forth from the Sacred Flame. It is the Child of the
Divine Parent. It is Immortal-Eternal-Indestructible-Invincible. It
possesses within itself Power, Wisdom, and Reality. But like the infant
that contains within itself the sometime Man, the mind of Man is unaware
of its latent and potential qualities, and does not know itself. As it
awakens and unfolds into the knowledge of its real nature, it manifests
its qualities, and realizes what the Absolute has given it. When the
Real Self begins to awaken, it sets aside from itself those things which
are but appendages to it, but which it, in its half waking state, had
regarded as its Self. Setting aside first this, and then that, it
finally discards all of the "Not I," leaving the Real Self free and
delivered from its bondage to its appendages. Then it returns to the
discarded appendages, and makes use of them. In considering the
question: "What is the Real Self ?" let us first stop to examine what
man usually means when he says "I." The lower animals do not possess
this "I" sense. They are conscious of the outer world; of their own
desires and animal cravings and feelings. But their consciousness has
not reached the Self-conscious stage. They are not able to think of
themselves as separate entities, and to reflect upon their thoughts.
They are not possessed of a consciousness of the Divine Spark-the
Ego-the Real Self. The Divine Spark is hidden in the lower forms of
life-even in the lower forms of human life-by many sheaths that shut out
its light. But, nevertheless, it is there, always. It sleeps within the
mind of the savage-then, as he unfolds, it begins to throw out its
light. In you, the Candidate, it is fighting hard to have its beams
pierce through the material coverings When the Real Self begins to
arouse itself from its sleep, its dreams vanish from it, and it begins
to see the world as it is, and to recognize itself in Reality and not as
the distorted thing of its dreams. The savage and barbarian are scarcely
conscious of the "I." They are but a little above the animal in point of
consciousness, and their "I" is almost entirely a matter of the
consciousness of the wants of the body; the satisfaction of the
appetites; the gratification of the passions; the securing of personal
comfort; the expression of lust, savage power, etc. In the savage the
lower part of the Instinctive Mind is the seat of the "I." ( See
"Fourteen Lessons" for explanation of the several mental planes of man.)
If the savage could ana1yze his thoughts he wou1d say that the "I" was
the physical body, the said body having certain "feelings," "wants" and
"desires." The "I" of such a man is a physical "I," the body
representing its form and substance. Not only is this true of the
savage, but even among so-called "civilized" men of to-day we find many
in this stage. They have developed powers of thinking and reasoning, but
they do not "live in their minds" as do some of their brothers. They use
their thinking powers for the gratification of their bodily desires and
cravings, and really live on the plane of the Instinctive Mind. Such a
person may speak of "my mind," or "my soul," not from a high position
where he looks upon these things from the standpoint of a Master who
realizes his Real Self, but from below, from the point-of-view of the
man who lives on the plane of the Instinctive Mind and who sees above
himself the higher attributes. To such people the body is the "I." Their
"I" is bound up with the senses, and that which comes to them through
the senses. Of course, as Man advances in "culture'' and "civilization,"
his senses become educated, and are satisfied only with more refined
things, while the less cultivated man is perfectly satisfied with the
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>>> Continued from previous message
more material and gross sense gratifications. Much that we call
"cultivation" and "culture" is naught but a cultivation of a more
refined form of sense gratification, instead of a real advance in
consciousness and unfoldment. It is true that the advanced student and
Master is possessed of highly developed senses, often far surpassing
those of the ordinary man, but in such cases the senses have been
cultivated under the mastery of the Will, and are made servants of the
Ego instead of things hindering the progress of the soul they are made
servants instead of masters. As Man advances in the scale, he begins to
have a somewhat higher conception of the "I." He begins to use his mind
and reason, and he passes on to the Mental Plane-his mind begins to
manifest upon the plane of Intellect. He finds that there is something
within him that is higher than the body. He finds that his mind seems
more real to him than does the physical part of him, and in times of
deep thought and study he is able almost to forget the existence of the
body. In this second stage, Man soon becomes perplexed. He finds
problems that demand an answer, but as soon as he thinks he has answered
them the problems present themselves in a new phase, and he is called
upon to "explain his explanation." The mind, even although not
controlled and directed by the Will, has a wonderful range, but,
nevertheless, Man finds himself traveling around and around in a circle,
and realizes that he is confronted continually by the Unknown. This
disturbs him, and the higher the stage of "book learning" he attains,
the more disturbed does he become. The man of but little knowledge does
not see the existence of many problems that force themselves before the
attention of the man of more knowledge, and demand an explanation from
him. The tortures of the man who has attained the mental growth that
enables him to see the new problems and the impossibility of their
answer, cannot be imagined by one who has not advanced to that stage.
The man in this stage of consciousness thinks of his "I" as a mental
thing, having a lower companion, the body. He feels that he has
advanced, but yet his 'I" does not give him the answer to the riddles
and questions that perplex him. And he becomes most unhappy. Such men
often develop into Pessimists, and consider the whole of life as utterly
evil and disappointing-a curse rather than a blessing. Pessimism belongs
to this plane, for neither the Physical Plane man or the Spiritual Plane
man have this curse of Pessimism. The former man has no such disquieting
thoughts, for he is almost entirely absorbed in gratifying his animal
nature, while the latter man recognizes his mind as an instrument of
himself, rather than as himself, and knows it to be imperfect in its
present stage of growth. He knows that he has in himself the key to all
knowledge-locked up in the Ego-and which the trained mind, cultivated,
developed and guided by the awakened Will, may grasp as it unfolds.
Knowing this the advanced man no longer despairs, and, recognizing his
real nature, and his possibilities, as he awakens into a consciousness
of his powers and capabilities, he laughs at the old despondent,
pessimistic ideas, and discards them like a worn-out garment. Man on the
Mental Plane of consciousness is like a huge elephant who knows not his
own strength. He could break down barriers and assert himself over
nearly any condition or environment, but in his ignorance of his real
condition and power he may be mastered by a puny driver, or frightened
by the rustling of a piece of paper. When the Candidate becomes an
Initiate-when he passes from the purely Mental Plane on to the Spiritual
Plane-he realizes that the "I," the Real Self is something higher than
either body or mind, and that both of the latter may be used as tools
and instruments by the Ego or "I." This knowledge is not reached by
purely intellectual reasoning, although such efforts of the mind are
often necessary to help in the unfoldment, and the Masters so use it.
The real knowledge, however, comes as a special form of consciousness.
The Candidate becomes "aware" of the real "I," and this consciousness
being attained, he passes to the rank of the Initiates. When the
Initiate passes the second degree of consciousness, and begins to grow
into a realization of his relationship to the Whole-when he begins to
manifest the Expansion of Self-then is he on the road to Mastership. In
the present lesson we shall endeavor to point out to the Candidate the
methods of developing or increasing the realization of this "I"
consciousness-this first degree work. We give the following exercises or
development drills for the Candidate to practice. He will find that a
careful and conscientious following of these directions will tend to
unfold in him a sufficient degree of the "I" consciousness, to enable
him to enter into higher stages of development and power. All that is
necessary is for the Candidate to feel within himself the dawn of the
awakening consciousness, or awareness of the Real Self. The higher
stages of the "I" consciousness come gradually, for once on the Path
there is no retrogression or going backward. There may be pauses on the
journey, but there is no such thing as actually losing that which is
once gained on The Path. This "I" consciousness, even in its highest
stages, is but a preliminary step toward what is called "Illumination,"
and which signifies the awakening of the Initiate to a realization of
his actual connection with and re1ation to the Whole. The full sight of
the g1ory of the "I," is but a faint reflected glow of "Illumination."
The Candidate, once that he enters fully into the "I" consciousness,
becomes an "Initiate." And the Initiate who enters into the dawn of
Illumination takes his first step upon the road to Mastery. The
Initiation is the awakening of the sou1 to a knowledge of its real
existence-the Illumination is the revelation of the real nature of the
soul, and of its relationship with the Whole. After the first dawn of
the "I" consciousness has been attained, the Candidate is more able to
grasp the means of developing the consciousness to a still higher
degree-is more able to use the powers latent within him; to control his
own mental states; to manifest a Centre of Consciousness and Influence
that will radiate into the outer world which is always striving and
hunting for such centres around which it may revolve. Man must master
himself before he can hope to exert an influence beyond himself. There
is no royal road to unfoldment and power-each step must be taken in
turn, and each Candidate must take the step himself, and by his own
effort. But he may, and will, be aided by the helping hand of the
teachers who have traveled The Path before him, and who know just when
that helping hand is needed to lift the Candidate over the rough places.
We bid the Candidate to pay strict attention to the following
instruction, as it is all important. Do not slight any part of it, for
we are giving you only what is necessary, and are stating it as briefly
as possible. Pay attention, and follow the instruction closely. This
lesson must be mastered before you progress. And it must be practiced
not only now, but at many stages of the journey, until full Initiation
and Illumination is yours.

The first instruction along the line of Initiation is designed to awaken
the mind to a full realization and consciousness of the individuality of
the "I." The Candidate is taught to relax his body, and to calm his mind
and to meditate upon the "I" until it is presented clearly and sharply
before the consciousness. We herewith give directions for producing the
desired physical and mental condition, in which meditation and
concentration are more readily practiced. This state of Meditation will
be referred to in subsequent exercises, so the Candidate is advised to
acquaint himself thoroughly with it.

If possible, retire to a quiet place or room, where you do not fear
interruption, so that your mind may feel secure and at rest. Of course,
the ideal condition cannot always be obtained, in which case you must do
the best you can. The idea is that you should be able to abstract
yourself, so far as is possible, from distracting impressions, and you
should be alone with yourself-in communion with your Real Self.
It is well to place yourself in an easy chair, or on a couch, so that
you may relax the muscles and free the tension of your nerves. You
should be able to "let go" all over, allowing every muscle to become
limp, until a feeling of perfect peace and restful calm permeates every
particle of your being. Rest the body and calm the mind. This condition
is best in the earlier stages of the practice, although after the
Candidate has acquired a degree of mastery he will be able to obtain the
physical relaxation and mental calm whenever and wherever he desires.
But he must guard against acquiring a "dreamy" way of going around,
wrapped in meditation when he should be attending to the affairs of
life. Remember this, the State of Meditation should be entirely under
the control of the Will, and should be entered into only deliberately
and at the proper times: The Will must be master of this, as well as of
every other mental state. The Initiates are not "day dreamers," but men
and women having full control of themselves and their moods. The "I"
consciousness while developed by meditation and consciousness, soon
becomes a fixed item of consciousness, and does not have to be produced
by meditation. In time of trial, doubt, or trouble, the consciousness
may be brightened by an effort of the Will (as we shall explain in
subsequent lessons) without going into the State of Meditation.
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The Candidate must first acquaint himself with the reality of the "I,"
before he will be able to learn its real nature. This is the first step.
Let the Candidate place himself in the State of Meditation, as
heretofore described. Then let him concentrate his entire attention upon
his Individual Self, shutting out all thought of the outside world, and
other persons. Let him form in his mind the idea of himself as a real
thing-an actual being-an individual entity-a Sun around which revolves
the world. He must see himself as the Centre around which the whole
world revolves. Let not a false modesty, or sense of depreciation
interfere with this idea, for you are not denying the right of others to
also consider themselves centres. You are, in fact, a centre of
consciousness-made so by the Absolute -and you are awakening to the
fact. Until the Ego recognizes itself as a Centre of Thought, Influence
and Power, it will not be able to manifest these qualities. And in
proportion as it recognizes its position as a centre, so will it be able
to manifest its qualities. It is not necessary that you should compare
yourself with others, or imagine yourself greater or higher than them.
In fact, such comparisons are to be regretted, and are unworthy of the
advanced Ego, being a mark and indication of a lack of development,
rather than the reverse. In the Meditation simply ignore all
consideration of the respective qualities of others, and endeavor to
realize the fact that YOU are a great Centre of Consciousness-a Centre
of Power -a Centre of Influence-a Centre of Thought. And that like the
planets circling around the sun, so does your world revolve around YOU
who are its centre.
It will not be necessary for you to argue out this matter, or to
convince yourself of its truth by intellectual reasoning. The knowledge
does not come in that way. It comes in the shape of a realization of the
truth gradually dawning upon your consciousness through meditation and
concentration. Carry this thought of yourself as a "Centre of
Consciousness Influence-Power" with you, for it is an occult truth, and
in the proportion that you are able to realize it so will be your
ability to manifest the qualities named. No matter how humble may be
your position-no matter how hard may be your lot-no matter how deficient
in educational advantages you may be-still you would not change your "I"
with the most fortunate, wisest and highest man or woman in the world.
You may doubt this, but think for a moment and you will see that we are
right. When you say that you "would like to be" this person or that, you
really mean that you would like to have their degree of intelligence,
power, wealth, position, or what not. What you want is something that is
theirs, or something akin to it. But you would not for a moment wish to
merge your identity with theirs, or to exchange selves. Think of this
for a moment. To be the other person you would have to let yourself die,
and instead of yourself you would be the other person. The real you
would be wiped out of existence, and you would not be you at all, but
would be he. If you can but grasp this idea you will see that not for a
moment would you be willing for such an exchange. Of course such an
exchange is impossible. The "I" of you cannot be wiped out. It is
eternal, and will go on, and on, and on, to higher and higher states-but
it always will be the same "I." Just as you, although a far different
sort of person from your childhood self, still you recognize that the
same "I'' is there, and always has been there. And although you will
attain knowledge, experience, power and wisdom in the coming years, the
same "I" will be there. The "I" is the Divine Spark and cannot be
extinguished. The majority of people in the present stage of the race
development have but a faint conception of the reality of the "I." They
accept the statement of its existence, and are conscious of themselves
as an eating, sleeping, living creature-something like a higher form of
animal. But they have not awakened to an "awareness" or realization of
the "I," which must come to all who become real centres of Influence and
Power. Some men have stumbled into this consciousness, or a degree of
it, without understanding the matter. They have "felt" the truth of it,
and they have stepped out from the ranks of the commonplace people of
the world, and have become powers for good or bad. This is unfortunate
to some extent, as this "awareness" without the knowledge that should
accompany it may bring pain to the individual and others. The Candidate
must meditate upon the "I," and recognize it-feel it-to be a Centre.
This is his first task. Impress upon your mind the word "I," in this
sense and understanding, and let it sink deep down into your
consciousness; so that it will become a part of you. And when you say
"I," you must accompany the word with the picture of your Ego as a
Centre of Consciousness, ' and Thought, and Power, arid Influence. See
yourself thus, surrounded by your world. Wherever you go, there goes the
Centre of your world. YOU are the Centre, and all outside of you
revolves around that Centre. This is the first great lesson on the road
to Initiation. Learn it ! The Yogi Masters teach the Candidates that
their realization of the "I" as a Centre may be hastened by going into
the Silence, or State of Meditation, and repeating their first name over
slowly, deliberately and solemnly a number of times. This exercise tends
to cause the mind to centre upon the "I," and many cases of dawning
Initiation have resulted from this practice. Many original thinkers have
stumbled upon this method, without having been taught it. A noted
example is that of Lord Tennyson, who has written that he attained a
degree of Initiation in this way. He would repeat his own name, over and
over, and the same time meditating upon his identity, and he reports
that he would become conscious and "aware" of his reality and
immortality-in short would recognize himself as a real center of
consciousness. We think we have given you the key to the first stage of
meditation and concentration. Before passing on, let us quote from one
of the old Hindu Masters. He says, regarding this matter : "When the
soul sees itself as a Centre surrounded by its circumference-when the
Sun knows that it is a Sun, and is surrounded by its whirling
planets-then is it ready for the Wisdom and Power of the Masters."

Many of the Candidates find themselves prevented from a full realization
of the "I" (even after they have begun to grasp it) by the confusing of
the reality of the "I" with the sense of the physical body. This is a
stumbling block that is easily overcome by meditation and concentration,
the independence of the "I" often becoming manifest to the Candidate in
a flash, upon the proper thought being used as the subject of
meditation. The exercise is given as follows: Place yourself in the
State of Meditation, and think of YOURSELF -the Real "I"-as being
independent of the body, but using the body as a covering and an
instrument. Think of the body as you might of a suit of clothes. Realize
that you are able to leave the body, and still be the same "I." Picture
yourself as doing this, and looking down upon your body. Think of the
body as a shell from which you may emerge without affecting your
identity. Think of yourself as mastering and controlling the body that
you occupy, and using it to the best advantage, making it healthy,
strong and vigorous, but still being merely a shell or covering for the
real "You." Think of the body as composed of atoms and cells which are
constantly changing, but which are held together by the force of your
Ego, and which you can improve at Will. Realize that you are merely
inhabiting the body, and using it for your convenience, just as you
might use a house. In meditating further, ignore the body entirely, and
place your thought upon the Real "I" that you are beginning to feel to
be ''you," and you will find that your identity-your "I"-is something
entirely apart from the body. You may now say "my body" with a new
meaning. Divorce the idea of your being a physical being, and realize
that you are above body. But do not let this conception and realization
cause you to ignore the body. You must regard the body as the Temple of
the Spirit, and care for it, and make it a fit habitation for the "I."
Do not be frightened if, during this meditation, you happen to
experience the sensation of being out of the body for a few moments, and
of returning to it when you are through with the exercise. The Ego is
able (in the case of the advanced Initiate) of soaring above the
confines of the body, but it never severs its connection at such times.
It is merely as if one were to look out of the window of a room, seeing
what was going on outside, and drawing in his head when he wishes. He
does not leave the room, although he may place his head outside in order
to observe what is doing in the street. We do not advise the Candidate
to try to cultivate this sensation-but if it comes naturally during
meditation, do not fear.
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Autor: (Danijel Turina)
Datum: 1997-04-03 12:45:04
Tema: O uskrsnucu
Linija: 75


VL>> RJ> Pa nisam bas siguran u to. Isus je o tome razgovarao sa saducejima. (A
VL>> RJ> te jako zanima naci cu gdje) Saduceji su tvrdili da nema uskrsnuca pa
VL>> RJ> onda pitali Isusa s kim ce zivjeti nakon uskrsnuca tijela zena koja je
VL>> RJ> imala vise muzeve. (Prvi umro, pa se ona udala za drugog) On im je
VL>> RJ> odgovorio da su u zabludi i da ne znaju za silu Bozju, te da se
VL>> RJ> ljudi nakon uskrsnuca nece zeniti ni udavati nego ce biti poput
VL>> RJ> andjela.
VL>> Ehh... Sad Ti meni govoris o Isusu; znam ja da je On znao kako stoje
VL>> stvari, samo onda mislim da je ipak termin "uskrsnuce" totalno krivo
VL>> pogodjen, i predstavlja kompromis sa Saducejskim gledanjem na stvar.

VL>> smrti i slicnog uvijek je povezan s drugim stvarima, kao sto su
VL>> bljestavo cisto svjetlo, te puna, briljantna, cista i nepomucena
VL>> svjesnost beskrajnog oceana blazenstva; nikada groblje, crvi, lesevi i
VL>> muklo glasanje sove. ;)))))

VL>Mislim da shvacam odakle tvoje asocijacije, ali ne bi trebalo insistirati
VL>na njima.

;)) Uskrsnuce tijela jednostavno je zabluda. Nema tu neke velike
mudrosti. Ako je netko i shvatio da takvo nesto pise u Bibliji, fulao
je; ako su NDE svjedocanstva neko mjerilo, onda Ti je jasno o cemu

VL>Ja uskrsnuce shvacam kao dobivanje svjetlosnoga tijela kakvo je npr.
VL>Isus imao (samo privremeno) pri preobrazaju na brdu Tabor, a takodjer i
VL>nakon vlastitoga uskrsnuca.

;)))) Cemu bi to trebalo sluziti? O cemu Ti to pricas? Svjetlosno
tijelo? Pri "preobrazenju" se Isusu aktivirala Kundalini kroz sve cakre
i nadije, sto se moze vidjeti ili kao svjetlucavi sjaj, ili kao
bljestavo svjetlo, ili kao pretapanje tijela u oblak svjetla; pogotovo
po noci. To vazi i za Rogera Hamstru i za Yogi Toma Astona, nije to neka
toliko velika rijetkost da bi sad od toga trebalo praviti fuss (iako se
vidja samo kod najvecih frajera). Uskrsnuce je fenomen ocitovanja
lila-shakti, Bozanske moci kojom yogini od materije (najcesce one koja
je pripadala njihovom tijelu), reintegriraju privremeno tijelo koje se
po osobinama moze razlikovati od onog "za zivota", recimo po tome sto
izgleda mladje ili ocituje vise "natprirodnih svojstava". Obicno, nakon
sto je ispunilo svrhu, to tijelo se ili dematerijalizira u bljesku
svjetla, ili se na drugi nacin uklanja iz postojanja.

VL>> RJ> Isto tako je Isusovo uskrsnuce, barem meni, jako nejasno. Bio je
VL>> RJ> mrtav 3 dana, i kad je ustao, ucenici ga nisu mogli prepoznati,
VL>> RJ> prolazio je kroz zidove i tome slicno.

VL>Takvo svjetlosno tijelo ima kudikamo vise vibracije od materije
VL>i stoga je moguce prolazenje kroz zidove. :)

Sto se toga tice, onda je Isus ionako imao "svjetlosno tijelo" pomocu
kojeg je hodao po vodi i sl. ;) Tijelo yogina ionako nije obicno, vec se
radi vise o kontroliranom prividu, koji ponekad ne ostavlja tragove u
pijesku, ne baca sjenu, ne dise ili ne trepce. Naravno, to vazi samo za
najvece od najvecih; vecina, pak, funkcionira sasvim isto kao i
"normalni ljudi", s povremenim "ispadima" koji nagovjestavaju ono "iza
Ako zelis, mogu Ti prepisati nekoliko primjera takvih "uskrsnuca" iz
knjiga. Osim toga imas jednog u "Prividima" - tamo je prilicno dobro
opisano kako stvar izgleda, premda se ne bih sasvim slozio s "opisom
nacina izvedbe"...

Oprosti ako sam Ti stao na nesto; nikako ne bih zelio da neki ostriji
komentar uzmes osobno. Jednostavno, premalo znam o Tvojem modelu
dozivljavanja stvari a da bih mogao paziti na "osjetljiva mjesta". :)
:) Ok? :)

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Autor: (Danijel Turina)
Datum: 1997-04-03 12:44:59
Tema: Yoga 3/4
Linija: 154


>>> Continued from previous message
POZOR: ovo je opasno!!! Tantra je najopasnija stvar na svijetu, upravo
zbog svoje izuzetne moći. Energije koje se na ovaj način bude nadilaze
sve poznato ljudskom iskustvu, i većina ljudi (nepročišćenih yogom) to
nije u stanju podnijeti bez manjih ili većih oštećenja ličnosti - od
depresije, preko moralne degradacije do ludila i smrti.
S druge strane medalje stoji oslobođenje za života (jivan-mukti), razvoj
i sjedinjenje muških i ženskih elemenata ličnosti, te očitovanje
Božanske Svijesti kroz Kreaciju.
Kao što u spisima tantre piše, "Onime zbog čega obični ljudi odlaze u
najcrnji pakao, yogin postiže oslobođenje za života". Ovime se smije
baviti samo onaj tko ima za cilj samo i jedino Božansko, kome je jedina
motivacija ispunjenje svijeta ljubavlju i dobrotom. Ostali stavljaju na
kocku više od života.

KUNDALINI-YOGA je, konačno, ono u čemu sam potpuno "doma" - ovo je moja
tehnika (smjer tantre desne ruke). Kundalini predstavlja "motor"
duhovnog razvoja; u biti, Kundalini je ono nešto, što je u stanju
rastopiti i izlučiti vasane (suptilne želje), samskare (utiske, dojmove,
predrasude), karmašaye (karmičke sjemenke, neočitovane plodove prošlih
djela) i općenito kleše (zapreke) koje onemogućavaju sjedinjenje Atmana
i Kundalini u sadašnjosti. Kundalini-yoga se dijeli na dva pravca:
hatha-yogu, kojoj je namjera "vodati" Kundalini po raznim energetskim
kanalima (nadijima) i čakrama (energetskim centrima), čisteći ih i na
razne načine upravljajući (svjesno) tokom Kundalini. Ovaj pristup je
razlog toliko velikom broju nesreća i općenito zlom glasu na koji je
došla Kundalini-yoga. Kasnije ću objasniti zašto. Drugi pristup se
sastoji u tome da se Kundalini Šakti probudi, te da zatim sama radi
"svoj posao", čisteći energetski sustav (i samim time um) od svih
mogućih nečistoća (vasane, karmašaye, samskare i ostale problematične
stvari). Ovaj pristup zove se Siddha-Mahayoga, i predstavlja tehniku
usko povezanu sa šaktipatom.
Dakle, zašto je "svjesno upravljanje" toliko loša stvar? Upravo zbog
prirode Kundalini. Ljudi si zamišljaju da je Kundalini "nešto tamo
izvana", najčešće je sebi predstavljajući kao arhetipsku tri-i-pol-puta
smotanu usnulu zmiju koja spava na mula-adhara-čakri (korjenskom centru
na dnu kičme). Kad se Kundalini _stvarno_ probudi, i oni shvate da ona
nije nešto "izvana", nego sama sila koja pogoni njihov duh, beskonačan i
neiscrpan izvor moći, useru se od straha, pokušaju Majku Kundalini
potisnuti, grčevito pokušavajući zadržati nadzor (a nadzor je muška
(kruta) osobina nespojiva s Kundalini kao ženskom (fluidnom) osobinom) i
tu dolazi do razbijanja svega i svačega. Ovdje se treba predati,
otvoriti se Majci Kundalini, potpuno se prepustiti, darovati sebe na
oltar Svete Žrtvene Vatre, prepuštajući vatri da preuzme sve što ona (a
ne mi) smatra da nije dostojno. Tako predanom yoginu, Kundalini postaje
Sveta Majka Ljubavnica, pružajući mu nepojmljivu ekstazu, ispunjajući ga
sijevanjima svijesti i Duha nepoznatim običnom doživljavanju.
Za Kundalini-yogu karakteristične su "kriye": to su spontane aktivnosti
nastale kretanjem Kundalini, kao što su potpuno spontano intoniranje
mantri, ulaženje u asane (uključujući i vrlo čudne položaje tijela),
spontano preuzimanje ritma disanja, trzaji dijelova i čitavog tijela,
što je praćeno proživljavanjem prikrivenih stvari (vasane, karmašaye,
samskare...), kao što su npr. traumatična iskustva, osjećaj krivnje
(obično povezan s nekim konkretnim iskustvom), osjećaj grijeha, manje
vrijednosti, oholosti, straha, bijesa, spontano smijanje, plakanje,
samokažnjavanje, iznenadne želje za nekim stvarima i slično. Osnovno
jednostavno "pustiti", jer je ovdje Kundalini u vozačkom sjedalu, a ne
mi. Ona zna najbolje što je dobro za nas.
I da uopće ne napominjem... od neprocjenjivog je značaja imati uz sebe
učitelja (Majstora) Kundalini-yoge. Pogotovo ako se već prije niste
bavili yogijskom praksom neke vrste.
Za kraj: da, Kundalini yoga je "ono pravo". S obzirom na ono što sam
napisao o Kundalini, očito je da se ovdje izravno budi ono što se u
drugim tehnikama pokušava postići posredno: Kundalini Šakti se
prepoznaje kao prirodna sila razvoja našeg duha, kojoj se jednostavno
dopušta da krene linijom manjeg otpora specifičnom za nas kao pojednice;
ovdje nema "kuharica" u kojima bi pisale točno određene formule kako se
nešto radi - to se dešava samo po sebi.
Ovo nije neka "let's feel good" tehnika za popravljanje raspoloženja i
povećanje produktivnosti (i liječenje bolesti). Ovo je metoda
proživljavanja porođajnih bolova s ciljem preporađanja duha, dubinsko
oranje kojem je cilj iskopati i ukloniti sve nečistoće; ovdje nije cilj
"zagladiti površinu", nije cilj kozmetički korigirati postojeću osobu,
nego pretvoriti gusjenicu u leptira.
Za one koji su se prestrašili, Makaja daje vrlo zgodan komentar:
"I još nešto za kolebljivce: jako je opasno skijati, voziti automobil,
upotrebljavati kuhinjski nož, imati električnu struju u kući, prelaziti
cestu, hodati pored ceste i konačno - jako je opasno to što ste se uopće
rodili. Time ste sami sebe osudili na smrt!" :)))

SIDDHA-MAHAYOGA, koju sam spominjao prije, u biti je Kundalini-yoga, s
tim da se ovaj naziv odnosi isključivo na "spontani pristup" - iz
definicije su isključene "svjesne tehnike". Ova "tehnika" se prenosi
šaktipat-inicijacijom. Šaktipat ("siloboj") predstavlja "silazak Duha
Svetoga", "duhovno krštenje", "dar Duha", "dar svijesti" i slično. U
biti, ostvareni Učitelj dodirom, glasom, pogledom ili na neki drugi
način prenosi učeniku ono što mu je potrebno u tom trenutku, a kako bi
ovaj zakoračio u višu razinu svijesti. Učitelj jednostavno učeniku
"otvori vrata" u nešto što je stalno bilo "tu negdje" a nikako nije
uspjelo doprijeti do svijesti.

Sad bih se želio osvrnuti na neke stvari koje se u cijelom tekstu
implicitno podrazumijevaju - radi se o fiziologiji energetskog sustava,
te o nekim drugim terminima nužnim za ispravno razumijevanje teksta.

Radi boljeg uvida u čitavu stvar, preporučujem čitanje Makajine knjige
"Komaja", koju je moguće vrlo lako nabaviti u Hrvatskoj.

KRE su energetski centri, koji obavljaju određene funkcije u
energetskom sustavu ("pumpanje" energije), i na koje je vezan ogroman
broj osobina koje zapadnjaci obično (pod uticajem zabluda izazvanih
"znanstvenim" tumačenjem psihologije) smještaju "u glavu". Glavnih čakri
(na one sporedne se ovdje nećemo obazirati) ima sedam:
1. mula-adhara, korjen-potpora (Makajin termin "korjenka")
2. sva-adhišthana, vlastiti oslonac ("spolnica")
3. mani-pura, biserni grad ("pupnica")
4. anahata, nezljedna ("nevinka")
5. višuddha, sve-pročišćena ("grlica")
6. ajna ("čelenka")
7. sahašra-ara, lotos s tisuću latica ("tjemenka")

Prenosim dio Makajine tablice o čakrama:

!korjenka ! zemlja !materijalna !nos !anus !
!spolnica ! voda !osjećajna !jezik !klitoris/penis !
!pupnica ! vatra !razina misli !oči !noge !
!nevinka ! zrak !razina sveljubavi!koža !ruke !
!grlica ! eter !razina bogovolje !uši !jezik !
!čelenka ! - !boginja !hipofiza !oči !
!tjemeneka! - !bog !epifiza !koža !

NADIJI (šupljice), energetski kanali, termin su koji se može usporediti
jedino s taoističkim "meridijanima", gdje ta definicija predstavlja samo
vrh ledenog brijega. Nadiji se u izuzetno složenoj mreži prostiru našim
tijelom i odgovorni su za prenošenje i raspodjelu energije. Postoje tri
glavna nadija, i to su:
1. ida - lijevo, mjesec, žensko, niz-dah (apana), prošlost
2. pingala - desno, sunce, muško, uz-dah (prana), budućnost
3. sušumna - sredina, Božansko, sjedinjenje, stvarnost, sadašnjost
Sušumna je najbitnije od bitnog, budući da je to kanal uz koji se
Kundalini Šakti mora moći nesmetano kretati (kao uostalom i kroz sve
ostale). Ipak, sušumna ima temeljno značenje, budući da predstavlja
osnovu "izlučivanja" samskara, vasana, karmašaya i ostalih kleša iz
duha. Proteže se od mula-adhara čakre (dno kičmenog stupa) do
brahmarandre, "brahmanove pukotine" na tjemenu. Up-stream kriya
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Autor: (Danijel Turina)
Datum: 1997-04-03 12:44:59
Tema: Yoga 4/4
Linija: 56


>>> Continued from previous message
Kundalini-yoge predstavlja "izlučivanje" energetskog objekta (kleše i
sl.) kroz sušumnu uz prateće kretanje tijela prema kojem sam je nazvao

SIDDHI, "natprirodne", definitivno neuobičajene sposobnosti koje se
stječu kao usputni plodovi pri vježbanju yoge. Glavne siddhi navedene su
u Patanjalijevoj yoga-sutri:
1. anima (smanjenje)
2. mahima (povećanje)
3. laghima (lakoća)
4. garima (težina)
5. prapati (protežnost)
6. prakamya (nevidljivost, odvajanje oblika od predmeta)
7. vashitwam - kontrola duha drugih bića
8. ishitwam - božanska moć - uskrsavanje mrtvih

Manje siddhi su:
- sloboda od gladi i žeđi
- voljno zagrijavanje i hlađenje tijela
- kontrola uma (niži stupnjevi)
- kama rupa (preuzimanje bilo kojeg oblika)
- iccha-mrityu (smrt po volji)
- kontaktiranje s devama (anđelima)
- trikala-jnana (poznavanje prošlosti, sadašnjosti i budućnosti)
- advandva - izdizanje iznad parova suprotnosti
- vak-siddhi (što yogin kaže, ostvaruje se)
- pretvaranje tvari iz jedne forme u drugu (voda u vino i sl.)
- kaya-vyuha - funkcioniranje istodobno u više tijela
- znanje o prošlim životima
- znanje o zvijezdama i planetama
- sposobnost komuniciranja sa siddhama (savršenim bićima)
- vladanje elementima i pranom
- kamachari (yogin se izražavanjem želje može naći na mjestu koje
- vayu-siddhi (uzdizanje u zrak)
- pronalaženje sakrivenih predmeta
- kriya-šakti, sposobnost spaljivanja vlastitog tijela nakon smrti
- itd itd itd.

Tumačenje: kao prvo, nemaju svi yogini sve siddhije, barem ne odmah;
isto tako, većina svoje moći odluči ne pokazati (to smatraju
beskorisnim). Osim toga, ne ukazuju sve siddhi na istu razinu
postignuća; moguće je da yogin otkrije kako posjeduje natprirodne moći
tek negdje pri kraju puta - isto tako, one se mogu javiti praktički

Jai Sai Ram!

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Autor: (Danijel Turina)
Datum: 1997-04-03 12:44:58
Tema: Yoga 2/4
Linija: 154


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3. mudra (tehnike za kontrolu određenih dijelova tijela i
"kratkospajanje" energetskih kanala)
4. pranayama
5. pratyahara
6. dhyana
7. samadhi
Uglavnom, svo prakticiranje hathayoge na Zapadu svodi se na šatkarme,
asane i nešto malo pranayama, a ovi "jači" stupnjevi su navedeni više
"reda radi" nego zato što bi ih netko eventualno prakticirao.

KARMA-YOGA, yoga djelatnosti, predstavlja više pristup životu nego nešto
što bi se moglo svesti striktno na yogu. Dakle, ovdje postoje slijedeći
- djelatnost lišena želja i vezanosti za polje djelatnosti
- nevezanost
- predano služenje
Postoji pristup kojeg zagovara recimo Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a prema
kojem to ne predstavlja put nego cilj; dakle, potrebno je postići
prosvjetljenje koje se zatim očituje kao predano služenje i nevezanost
za objekte osjetila; prema drugom pristupu, predano služenje i
nevezanost putevi su za postizanje prosvjetljenja. Od osnovnih elemenata
yoge, ovdje postoje samo yama i niyama, dakle moralni propisi; dakle,
način na koji će se ti propisi očitovati u praksi ovisi o pojedincu.
Često se karmayoga spominje kao "implementacija" filozofsko-religijskih
pravaca. Isto tako, postoje tendencije koje nastoje izjednačiti pojam
karmayoge s pojmom humanitarne djelatnosti, samo ja baš i nisam uvjeren:
ovdje je bitno stanje duha a ne djelatnost sama po sebi.

JNANA-YOGA (čita se "đnjana"), yoga spoznaje (mudrosti). Ovaj pravac je
jedan od najhvaljenijih i najosporavanijih: osporavan zato što u njega
sebe uvrštavaju "štreberi", dakle osobe koje su naučile argumentacije iz
svetih spisa i uopće ne shvaćaju da iza toga ima još nešto, a hvaljen
zbog velikih majstora tradicije, kao što su Šankaraćarya i (u novije
vrijeme) Vivekananda. Osnovni princip ovog pravca je nitya-anitya
viveka, razlučivanje zbiljskog i nezbiljskog; dakle, sposobnost
diskriminacije. Osnovni postulati su da je sve uistinu brahman; poput
fatamorgane, svijet se pričinja zbiljskim, a u biti predstavlja
projekciju triju guna prakrti šakti na duh; budući da je prakrti u biti
brahman, privid svijeta kao osnovne stvarnosti naziva se iluzijom
(maya). Osnovni princip jnanayoge je prepoznavanje svega kao atmana
(jastva). U ovaj pravac je sasvim fino moguće uvrstiti i Zen, budući da
su principi vrlo slični.

RAJA-YOGA, kraljevska yoga, yoga meditacije. Za razliku od hathayoge kao
čisto fizičke kategorije, rajayoga je po prirodi čisto mentalna.
Sastoji se od tehnika vježbanja sposobnosti koncentracije, zadržavanja
objekta u duhu (apstraktnog ili fizičkog), vježbi pamćenja
(mnemotehnike), te raznih drugih tehnika kojima je zajednički cilj
izbrusiti um do razine vrhunskog oruđa. Velikim dijelom se dodiruje s
jnanayogom, kao i karmayogom. Isto tako, ponekad se koriste hathayogičke
tehnike čišćenja tijela s ciljem smanjenja broja čisto fizičkih

BHAKTI-YOGA, yoga predanosti, u osnovi je čista religija koja je
odlučila prijeći u praksu. Dakle, kad smo ustanovili da Bog, kao izvor
svekolike ljepote, blaženstva, istine i stvarnosti postoji, odlučili smo
s Njim ostvariti odnos predane ljubavi i obožavanja. Kako bi se duh
uspio zadržati na Bogu, preporučuju se različita pomoćna sredstva, kao
što su pjevanje ili izgovaranje Božjeg imena, pjevanje pobožnih pjesama,
obožavanje slika i kipova božanstava u hramu, te općenito djelatnosti
predanog služenja (karmayoga). Isto tako, preporučuje se čitanje svetih
spisa koji opisuju Boga i Njemu predane osobe (bhakte). Na zapadu se s
bhakti-yogom najčešće identificira Međunarodno društvo za svjesnost
Krišne (ISKCON), ili općeprihvaćeno "Hare-Krišne", prema mantri
"hare krišna hare krišna krišna krišna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare", koju ponavljaju praktički
konstantno. Naravno, iako oni nastoje da se pojam bhakti povezuje
isključivo s njima, tome definitivno nije tako. Budući da termin
"bhakta" označava osobu u potpunosti predanu Bogu, očigledno je da na to
ne može imati monopol samo jedna grupa ljudi i jedan sustav vjerovanja.

KRIYA-YOGA, od termina "kriya", korjen "karman", djelatnost, dakle
"vježba", "činjenje" - predstavlja nedavno (19 st.) obnovljenu tehniku s
starim korjenima. Ovo je jedna od tehnika koje _djeluju_. Napominjem,
ovo je, barem prema rezultatima, jedna od najuspješnijih "duboko-orućih"
tehnika uopće. Dakle, tehniku je Mahavatar Babaji otkrio Lahiriju
Mahašayi, koji ju je sistematizirao i prenio prvoj generaciji učenika.
Ogroman postotak njih (svi koji su redovno vježbali) postali su veliki
prosvjetljeni majstori, a među njima i glavni učenik, Svami Šri
Yuktešvar Giri. Njegov glavni inicirani učenik, Paramahamsa Yogananda,
prenio je tehniku na Zapad, obogativši ju dodatnim "yogoda" tehnikama
punjenja dijelova tijela energijom. Tehnika je u biti tajna i prenosi se
inicijacijom, često praćenom šaktipatom ("infuzijom" Duha), tako da u
principu nigdje nije moguće naći točan opis vježbi. U biti, od onoga što
sam uspio nakupiti (to nije "moja" tehnika, tako da nisam iniciran),
sastoji se od raščišćavanja energetskih vrtloga unutar kičme, što je
praćeno spontanim smirenjem daha i stanja svijesti, kao i (kasnije)
višim stanjima svijesti. "Druga kriya" (tehnika je podijeljena na
progresivne inicijacije) sadrži između ostalog i tehnike višuddha-čakre
za napuštanje tijela. Veliki dio kriya očigledno ima neke veze s
otvaranjem ajna-čakre ("trećeg oka"), o kojem Yogananda puno piše.
Uglavnom uz Siddha-Mahayogu (Kundalini-yoga) ovo je najbolja meni
poznata tehnika.

MANTRA-YOGA, prema terminu "mantra", koji je najprije (u Vedskoj
literaturi) označavao stih iz Veda; kasnije se značenje promijenilo da
bi se odnosilo uglavnom na rezonantne "objekte", bije (biđe) -
"sjemenke". Dakle, intoniranjem bija-mantre moguće je zapaliti vatru,
izliječiti bolest, otvoriti blokirani energetski kanal, pa čak i ubiti.
U staroj Indiji, veliki dio vojne znanosti bio je baziran upravo na
upotrebi mantri, koje su zamjenjivale teško oružje (zbog primitivnosti
tadašnjeg naoružanja u stilu mačeva, lukova i kopalja). Recimo, ratnik
je običavao strijelu nadahnuti mantrom koja bi joj povećala probojnost,
domet i slično.
Isto je važilo i za medicinu: mantre su široko rabljene u svrhu
ubrzavanja zacjeljivanja rana, liječenja trovanja i sličnog. Dakle,
mantre se u osnovi baziraju na rezonaciji "om", koji se naziva još i
"pranava", koja simbolizira brahman. Razoniranjem različitih mantri
aktiviraju se različite osobine duha, otvaraju nadiji i čakre i postižu
razni drugi efekti, kao što je uklanjanje smetnji u protoku energije i
slično. U biti, ovo je vrlo složena disciplina kojom nije lako ovladati.
Pogrešno izgovorene mantre su beskorisne ili štetne. Ispravno izgovorene
(stanje duha mora biti sukladno zvuku), mantre su od ogromne važnosti.
Osim bija-mantri, postoje i napjevne mantre, od kojih je najpoznatija
"hare krišna" mantra, a za koje važe drugačija pravila, budući da
njihovo djelovanje nije čisto fizikalno nego pretežito duhovno.

TM, transcedentalna meditacija, u biti je mantrom inicirano meditativno
stanje. Tehniku je sastavio i na Zapad donio Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Mantru učitelj daje učeniku prilikom inicijacije. Tehnika posjeduje i
viši stupanj, "Siddhi-program", u kojem se učenicima (koji su određeno
vrijeme prije toga vježbali TM) daje inicijacija u "letačku sutru"
(flying sutra). Siddhi koja se ovdje postiže postiže se mimo buđenja
Kundalini (nije mi poznato o kakvom je točno postupku riječ), iako je
zabilježen povećan broj slučajeva spontanog buđenja Kundalini u
praktikanata TM-Siddhi programa. Tehnika je dobra i preporučujem ju
osobama koje nemaju prethodnih iskustava s yogom.

TANTRA predstavlja nešto sasvim posebno, budući da je čitav sustav yoge
samo implementacijski sustav tantre. Dakle, tantra je poimanje
makrokozmičkog i mikrokozmičkog kao dualiteta Šiva-Šakti (ekvivalenti
jang-jin), Šive kao statičnog i nepokretnog Božanskog Jastva, i Šakti
kao dinamične, neukroćene i sve-pokretne nestvorene i uvijek stvarajuće
energije.Tantra ispunjenje doživljava kao sjedinjenje Šive i Šakti, kao
Božansku Svijest očitovanu kroz Kreaciju. Vezano za ljudsko biće, tantra
prepoznaje Šivu kao Atman, Jastvo, a Šakti kao Kundalini, pokretačku
energiju duhovnog razvoja. Duhovni razvoj postaje potpun sjedinjenjem
Atmana i Kundalini u zagrljaju - samadhi. Simbol Šive je lingam; simbol
Šakti je yoni. Sreća ljudskog bića izostaje zbog razdvojenosti
unutarnjeg lingama od unutarnje yoni, čijim sjedinjenjem postajemo
potpuna, sve-radosna ljudska bića.
U tantri postoje dva osnovna pravca: lijeve i desne ruke.
Pravac desne ruke lingam/yoni doživljava kao unutarnju duhovnu
simboliku, dok pravac lijeve ruke sve to uzima dosta konkretnije,
koristeći seksualni odnos u svrhu pojačavanja duha i buđenja Kundalini.
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Autor: (Danijel Turina)
Datum: 1997-04-03 12:44:57
Tema: Yoga 1/4
Linija: 153


Obećao sam da ću napisati tekst o yogama... here it comes. :) Sorry zbog
eventualne neusklađene sanskrtske transliteracije. Isto tako, odlučio
sam pokriti malo širi spektar: ima ponešto za svakoga, i za one koji se
praktički prvi puta sreću s problematikom, a i za "stare lisce". Dobro
se zabavite! :)

Po najstarijoj definiciji, yoga (prevodi se sa "jaram" ili "upreg") je
citta vrtti niroddha, iliti obustavljanje fluktuacija duha. Da najprije
razjasnim ovu definiciju:
Ako se može reći kako je "materija" ono od čega je napravljen televizor,
onda je "citta" (izgovara se ćita) ono od čega je napravljen um. Ova
koncepcija se radikalno razlikuje od onih općeprihvaćenih na Zapadu,
prema kojima bi duh trebao biti neka iluzorna kategorija koja nastaje
funkcioniranjem mozga. U fiziologiji yoge, citta se promatra kao jedan
golemi rezervoar duha čije resurse u ograničenoj mjeri koristi
individualni um. Da ovo malo razjasnim.
Fizičko tijelo čovjeka i drugih bića unosi tvar iz okolnog svijeta, u
koji istodobno izlučuje tvar nastalu metabolizacijom. Na taj način se
stanice od kojih je sačinjeno tijelo neprestano mijenjaju, i nakon nekog
vremena one zamijene svaki atom od kojeg su sačinjene - neke umiru, neke
nove nastaju, ali tijelo pruža privid kontinuiteta. Jednako tako, naš um
"usisava" i "izbacuje" cittu (u većini terminologija koristi se termin
"prana"). To je vrlo jasno moguće vidjeti na fotografiji aure - s lijeve
je strane vidljiva frekvencija koju um prima, odozgora je vidljiva ona
koja predstavlja trenutni oblik mentalne aktivnosti, a s desne strane je
frekvencija koju odašiljemo prema okolini.Čim je frekvencija viša,
aktivnost duha je profinjenija. Dakle, ultraljubičasta boja predstavlja
totalno božansku, a infracrvena totalno materijalnu "vibraciju". Ako
netko ne vjeruje, imam fotografiju svoje aure kao dokaz; ako uspijem
doći do scannera, mogu mu je poslati uucodirano skupa s kompjutorskom
Dakle, shvatili smo što je citta (u hatha-yogijskoj terminologiji
"prana", gdje označava životnu energiju). Da se sada malo pozabavimo
terminom vrtta (izgovara se vrita). Vrtta znači doslovno "vrtlog duha",
što je najlakše prevesti kao "misao". Ovdje se ne misli na složene misli
o, ne znam, kretanju planeta, koje predstavljaju mega-hrpe malih,
mikro-misli. Vrtta je, dakle, za ljudski um ono što je instrukcija za
CPU: naredba MOV nije nešto što bismo primjećivali u radu kompjutora,
ali bez nje nema tekst-procesora i tabelarnih kalkulatora.
"Citta vrtti", je, prema tim definicijama, "vrtloženje univerzalne umne
supstance unutar individualnog uma", dakle mentalna aktivnost.
"Kakva je korist od obustavljanja mentalne aktivnosti?" - postavlja se
pitanje - "Nije valjda evolucija radila milijardama godina bez veze?",
ili pak "Po tome je najbolja yoga metak u čelo - evo ti odmah obustave
mentalne aktivnosti". Očito, ne radi se o tome, iako je u praksi većine
tehnika koje sebe nazivaju yogijskima uistinu moguće opaziti kako se
kreću prema tom "idealu". Jednu od strana medalje može primjetiti svatko
kod sebe: svatko se barem jednom nalazio u situaciji da mu upadanje
raznih gluposti remeti koncentraciju; očigledno je da postoji potreba da
se cijela stvar na neki način stavi pod nadzor.
Druga je strana to da se cijelo funkcioniranje uma može svesti na težnju
prema nečemu; um teži postići najviše moguće stanje sreće. Dakle, može
se pretpostaviti da se postizanjem tog stanja umne aktivnosti spontano
obustavljaju, budući da nema nečeg boljeg što bi se imalo postići. I TO
JE TO. Ovdje smo došli do biti yoge: postizanje takvog stanja duha kakvo
je u potpunosti nemoguće opisati na bilo koji zamislivi način,
uključujući pozivanje na neka postojeća iskustva.
Yoga je, u biti, tehnička (implementacijska) disciplina - iako je se
može promatrati kao neovisan filozofski sustav, ona se kao takav ne
postavlja. Yoga dovodi do iskustva; razmatranja i filozofiranja ostavlja
filozofima. Oni, pak, koji su postigli cilj yoge, mogu lako biti
proglašeni filozofima (u jednom vrlo praktičnom smislu opisivanja
iskustava koja su obično predmet filozofije) ili pak utemeljiteljima

Problem klasifikacije yogijskih tehnika i disciplina nije baš
jednostavan, imajući u vidu njihovo preplitanje s filozofskim pravcima
Indije, te mnoštvo šizmi, hereza, te propalih i obnovljenih puteva.
Stoga ovdje namjeravam iznijeti opise samo onih tehnika koje su dovoljno
poznate da pobude pažnju čitaoca; ipak mi se ne da pisati tekst od
dvjesto stranica... ;)

Tehnike yoge mogu se podijeliti u nekoliko kategorija (prema razini na
koju djeluju):
- tehnike duha
- tehnike energetskog sustava
- fizičke tehnike

Isto tako (prema obliku primjene):
- aktivne tehnike
- pasivne (spontane) tehnike

Treba imati na umu kako postoje "tehnike" koje predstavljaju više čitave
sustave raznorodnih tehnika, kao i tehnike koje su vrlo ograničene po
Dakle, ovdje sam odlučio navoditi stvari više prema načinu na koji se
uobičajeno spominju nego prema njihovim individualnim osobinama. Dakle:

AŠTA-ANGA YOGA, yoga od osam udova predstavlja više filozofski pojam
nego neku stvarnu tehniku; u biti, većina ostalih tehnika koristi barem
neke od odrednica ovog pravca. Tehnika je (kao i termin yoga u današnjem
značenju) opisana u djelu "Yoga sutra" od Ršija Patanđalija. Kao što joj
i ime govori, ova yoga sastoji se od osam stupnjeva, a to su:
-yama (pet zabrana):
- istinoljubivost (sathya)
- nenasilje (ahimsa)
- odsutnost pohlepe (asteya)
- celibat (brahmaćariya) - odnosi se na "učeništvo"
- neprihvaćanje svojine drugih (aparigraha)
-niyama (pet odredbi):
- pročišćenje (šauća) - čistoća tijela i duha
- zadovoljstvo (santoša)
- trapnja (tapas) - duhovni žar, isto tako i isposništvo
- izučavanje (svadhaya)
- predanje Bogu (Išvara-pranidhana)
-asana (nepomičnost, stav tijela) - postoji ogroman broj od kojih se
najčešće spominju:
- padma-asana (lotosov stav)
- siddha-asana (savršen stav, stav savršenih)
-pranayama - upravljanje dahom
-pratyahara - odvraćanje osjetila s njihovih objekata
-dharana - koncentracija duha na objekt
-dhyana - meditacija, stanje duha bez misli
-samadhi - Kozmička Svijest, stanje jednosti s Bogom

HATHA-YOGA, "oštar upreg", predstavlja tehniku yoge koja se na Zapadu
najčešće identificira s pojmom yoge. Za razliku od općeprihvaćenog
stava, hathayoga se _ne_ sastoji samo od stavljanja nogu za vrat, iako
to predstavlja jedan od vidljivijih aspekata. :) Evo klasifikacije
hathayoge prema spisima na kojima je utemeljena:
Prema Gorakšasamhiti:
1. asana - položaji tijela (uključujući i onaj s nogama za vratom...)
2. pranasamrodha (pranayama) - kontrola životne sile
3. pratyahara
4. dharana
5. dhyana
6. samadhi
Prema Gherandasamhiti:
1. šatkarma (šest tehnika čišćenja tijela)
- dhauti
- gajakarni
- vastradhauti
- neti (sutraneti, jalaneti, ghrtaneti)
- kapalabhati
- bhastrika (pranayama)
- nauli
- baghi
- basti
- šankhaprakšalana
- trataka
Od tih su osnovni dhauti, basti, neti, trataka, nauli i kapalabhati, a
kasnije su dodati gajakarni, baghi, bhastrika i šankaprakšalana. Ima
toga još, a tehnike namjerno ne opisujem zbog opasnosti da se nekome
okrene želudac. ;)
2. asana
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* OLX 2.2 * Om Namah Shivaya!
: Fidonet: Danijel Turina 2:381/112
: Internet: Danijel.TurinaŽ
: Standard disclaimer: The views of this user are strictly his own.

Autor: (Danijel Turina)
Datum: 1997-04-02 13:33:17
Tema: Seks
Linija: 103


ZS> VL> Sto se pak tice AIDS-a i kondoma, tocno je da Crkva od kontra-
ZS> VL> cepcije dopusta samo prirodne metode plodnih i neplodnih dana,
ZS> VL> dakle kondom ne dolazi u obzir. Za covjeka koji svaki tjedan ili svaki
ZS> VL> mjesec mijenja seksualnog partnera doista bi bilo katastrofalno da se
ZS> VL> tu drzi crkvenoga ucenja i da se ne sluzi kondomom.
ZS> VL> Medjutim, vjernik koji u svemu slijedi
ZS> VL> ucenje Crkve nece imati seksualnih odnosa prije braka, a
ZS> VL> za bracnoga druga ce nastojati naci osobu slicnih uvjerenja
ZS> VL> i moralnih nacela, te su sanse da se zarazi AIDS-om bitno
ZS> VL> smanjene, bez obzira na uporabu ili neuporabu kondoma.

ZS>Ne znam da li bih ovo nazvao smješnim ili monstruoznim. Podsječa
ZS>me na argumente zapadnih sila koje su Bosni nabile embargo na
ZS>uvoz oružja jer "u Bosni ima več previše oružja" i to u vrijeme
ZS>dok je to oružje u rukama samo Karađićevih Srba gušilo Sarajevo
ZS>i širom Bosne širilo teror koji mi na sreču nikad nečemo shvatiti.

ZS>Ne znam koliko ti je poznat problem širenja AIDS-a u Indiji.
ZS>Indijski lječnici su smatrali da je AIDS bolest koju je izmislio
ZS>zapad i da je sve to glupost. Danas je raširenost te bolesti u
ZS>Indiji katastrofična. Naime bolest se širi heteroseksualnim
ZS>putem, muževi odu u javnu kuču i zaraze svoje žene. A vidiš
ZS>ja ne smatram odlazak u bordel razlogom zbog kojeg netko treba
ZS>umrijeti. Kondom nije ništa drugo nego lijek koji omogučava

Eh, sad... ;) Meni se ipak cini kako je Vjera htjela reci da tortu ne
mozes i imati i pojesti. :) Dakle, ako se drzis pravila da se ne upustas
u seks prije braka, a u braku samo sa zenom/muzem, onda cemu ce ti
kondom? Nisi u rizicnoj skupini. Normalno, ako netko obilazi kupleraje
onda je on automatski u rizicnoj skupini i treba se shodno tome i
ponasati. Kontracepcija je sasvim druga prica, i tu smatram da Crkva
opasno grijesi, do te mjere da bi ju to moglo stajati glave. Seks
definitivno nije namijenjen samo razmnozavanju, a "prirodne metode" su
IMHO kurac. Zasto? Zato sto se izbjegava seks za vrijeme ovulacije, kad
je zena bioloski najspremnija na seks i dozivljava najvece zadovoljstvo.
Jos ce se neki kreten od biskupa jumfera i mizogina sjetiti da je
najbolji seks za vrijeme menstruacije - nema teorije da zena zatrudni...
;> Opcenito, vec mi je pun kurac muskih religija kojima je jedina svrha
da stave zene u situaciju u kojoj hoces-neces izvuku usran kraj batine.

Ovdje jedna mala digresija:
Niti jedna jedina religija uopce (osim Tantre) ne govori o jednoj stvari
koja bi trebala biti bjelodana; u stvari sve muske religije ju skrivaju
kao zmija noge. Radi se o jednoj bitnoj razlici u energetskom ustroju
zena i muskaraca, a koristenje koje bi omogucilo zenama sjedanje na
autocestu prema prosvjetljenju.

Zene imaju otvoreniju (ciscu) susumnu.
(susumna-nadi, cita se kao "sushumna", centralni energetski kanal).

Dakle, radi se o necemu sto je do te mjere bitno da si razne tehnike
yoge razbijaju jaja pokusavajuci kod muskarca postici ono s cime se zena
radja. Zbog neke nesvjesne ljubomore, vecina religija se svodi na muske
nesvjesne pokusaje da se zenama zatvori susumna, kako bi se oni nasli u
ravnopravnom polozaju (ako je netko gledao HK, sve mu je jasno; komentar
mog brata bio je "Ove njihove zene imaju vise muskih hormona nego ja!")
Onda je normalno da padaju ocjene o inferiornosti zena, buduci da ih se
tjera da svoju vrijednost mjere osobinama koje im ne leze pretjerano.
Muskarci, pak, imaju bitno razvijeniju osobinu diskriminacije, dakle
nitya-anitya viveka, i vidljivo je kako su religije uistinu fokusirane u
tom pravcu, "razlucivanja dobra i zla". Neki tantricki ucitelji
jednostavno ne zele gubiti vrijeme radeci s muskarcima, buduci da su oni
do te mjere sjebani da bi to potrajalo godinama. Umjesto toga, imaju
glavnu ucenicu koju treniraju nekoliko mjeseci, nakon cega ona obucava
muske ucenike. Ista stvar je i sa famoznom rajskom zmijom: svima koji se
imalo kuze u Tantru jasno je da je zmija arhetipska slika Kundalini
Shakti, a drvo arhetip za susumna nadi. Na neki nacin, ogavne perverzne
muske svinje proglasile su i zmiju i drvo necim sotonskim, na taj nacin
vrseci represiju arhetipa, sto je kao rezultat imalo potiskivanje
budjenja Kundalini, prvenstveno kod zena (kojima se istodobno ubijao
svaki trag samosvjesti). Danas, kad su svi normalni ljudi to sve skupa
odbacili kao bajku, dolazi do spontanog budjenja Kundalini u masovnim
Slucajno? Ne vjerujem.
Dakle, ta "prispodoba" nije bajka: to je sustinski zlonamjerna
manipulacija s ciljem unistenja smisla postojanja ljudske vrste, i ako
sotona postoji, onda je to onaj koji je tu pricu pustio u promet.

Jednako kao sto mi se gade sranja sa muskom dominacijom, gade mi se i
ona sa zenskom: u biti, duh muskaraca i zena razlikuje se u istoj mjeri
kao i njihova tijela. Dakle, svatko treba koristiti ono sto njemu
najbolje ide, ne obaziruci se previse na ono drugo. Zene bi trebale
koristiti svoju intuiciju (jedan od simptoma otvorene susumne), dok bi
muskarci trebali koristiti razlucivanje (koje nije tako sirova stvar
kako izgleda; predstavlja jednu od najjacih metoda samoprosvjetljenja).
Na kraju, cilj Tantre je postici uniju Shive i Shakti, muskarca koji ima
otvoreniju susumnu od bilo koje normalne zene a istodobno ima
razlucivanje mocnije od onog u normalnog muskarca, kao i zenu s istim
svojstvima: tek tada, oni ce biti cjelovite osobe, jer ce prestati
traziti svoju drugu polovicu u vanjskom svijetu, prepoznajuci ju u sebi.

Svrsavam od zadovoljstva dok si predocavam slijepi i nemocni bijes onih
kojima je iznosenje ovih podataka pokvarilo racune. Uostalom, vec mi
je dosta njihovih sranja. Imali su tisuce godina, sad je malo na
meni red. ;))) :)))

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