If you want to contact me, mail me at or at username danijel at this domain. If there is a concern of identity theft, ask me to sign messages with PGP. My key is ID=D1DECCE7, you can retrieve it here. No other PGP key is valid; any updates will be posted here first.

I use a G+ account for syncing my mobile devices, picasa gallery and commenting daily affairs.

I do not use mail addresses or accounts on other servers (i.e. hotmail, yahoo etc.), and if anyone uses such an address and pretends to be me, assume it's a case of criminal identity theft, because it is. These things have happened before. Also, I don't use facebook or similar sites. Ever. There are fake accounts there pretending to be me, either to ridicule me or to lure and misinform naive people.

If you're sucker enough to buy it, it's your fault - you've been warned.