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- 2018-08-05T09:29:41+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-05T09:29:41+0000
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I made a comment into a blog post.
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An excellent analysis.
- 2018-08-05T08:24:04+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-05T08:24:04+0000
An excellent analysis.
Shared with: Public, Danijel Turina, Ivan Kovacevic
- 2018-08-05T22:25:16+0000
It's so refreshing to see/hear such brilliant, no bullshit, straight to the point thinking. Very much like your own! I love her! Thanks for sharing! I've been watching her channel from when you posted the first video, now I checked your page again, and was positively surprised that you shared 3 more ;-)
- 2018-08-06T08:10:37+0000
+Ivan Kovacevic That's probably my instinctual response to all the idiotic bullshit I hear in the news. :)
- 2018-08-06T08:56:04+0000
+Danijel Turina Thank you for being a beacon of light in this shit show!!!
- 2018-08-17T12:31:31+0000
+Ivan Kovacevic :) I sent you an email, hopefully Google didn't mess it up.

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- 2018-08-04T12:32:08+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-04T12:32:08+0000
Shared with: Public, Grey Eminence
- 2018-08-05T00:43:04+0000
Gender equality is the problem. It's an egalitarian ideology that declares two groups of people (in this case men and women) as equal, no matter what.

Men and women are not equal. And if they are, there is no data indicating that, so one can only be agnostic. There is however plenty of data indicating that men are overall better. I will grant though that most of the measurements are "male". My estimate is that men are probably on average better by few points. This isn't a significant difference, but the implications are.

No egalitarian is going to accept that one gender is better than another by even just 0,1%. So we end up with group pegging; the value of a group is fixed and it's the same as a value of other groups of the same type. All people are created equal, one gender is equal to another, one race to other races, one religion to every other religion. The result is demoralization and apathy on one side, and entitlements on the other.

Sure, maybe these feminists subconsciously want patriarchy. But how about this maybe they really just want equality. Maybe they can't stand western men because those men are on average better than them. But feminists and Muslim men?

As for me, I like both inequality and equality as long as they are fair. Inequality doesn't equate oppression or disrespect, and a certain degree of inequality can be a lot more fun from both sides.

All these imaginary problems such as income inequality, gender quotas, migrant crises, election meddling.. can be solved in five minutes. No egalitarianism, no problem.

- 2018-08-05T07:00:58+0000
+Grey Eminence I'm thinking about the implicit assumptions of egalitarianism, and it seems that those people, the feminists, communists, egalitarians, they all assume a weird kind of power dynamics where those who are superior exploit and abuse those who are inferior. However, things don't seem to work that way. In patriarchal societies power is always a two-way street. Yes, you are in charge of your wife and children. However, being in charge means you are responsible for their well-being. It is your duty to see that everybody is in the best possible state. Power and duty are well balanced, and it's actually a male biological instin

The attempt to forcefully educate the entire population is a failure. The con...
- 2018-08-03T21:26:53+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-03T21:26:53+0000
The attempt to forcefully educate the entire population is a failure. The concept according to which people will all choose to be educated given the opportunity was proven false. The concept according to which people are basically all the same was proven false. Egalitarianism is an illusion. To expect equal outcome in such a society is not only an illusion, it's in fact a deliberate deception. There is absolutely no way people could have equal outcomes, and the huge disparity of outcome in society is only to be expected.
Shared with: Public, Danijel Turina, Ermin Hasičević
- 2018-08-04T17:18:23+0000
+Danijel Turina It seems to me that America has been, for some time now, main promoter of every kind of evil and malicious shit in every domain of society and it propagated it to the rest of the western world. I heard same kind of story about the school system in Netherlands, teachers being deprived of any instrument of authority so they cant kick out of a class troublemakers that dont care a shit about actually learning anything but they have to wank specific number of hours in school as fucking state made it a law.
- 2018-08-04T17:30:46+0000
+Ermin Hasičević I've been mentally weighing this evil system that America has spawned, and Islam, and I honestly can't say which is worse. In fact, Islam might be a lesser evil, which says a lot. It's an incredible nightmare with Scylla and Charybdis on crystal meth. Whoever wins, we are deeply and thoroughly fucked.
- 2018-08-04T18:28:00+0000
+Danijel Turina May god not bless America, but pull the plug and let all go down the sink, as it seems he doesnt have any intention get us rid of Murica and Islam.

E jebi ga sad, vuku se u lijevoj traci ali ne dao Bog blicati im da se maknu,...
- 2018-08-03T19:36:09+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-03T19:36:09+0000
E jebi ga sad, vuku se u lijevoj traci ali ne dao Bog blicati im da se maknu, to je protuzakonito. Isto tako, mene su kaznili istovremeno za vožnju 160 km/h, i za vožnju u lijevoj traci, dakle ovdje kukaju da su problem spori vozači u lijevoj traci, a s druge strane kažnjavaju brze vozače u lijevoj traci. Imam ja bolju ideju, mogli bi oni svi otić malo u kurac za promjenu i prestat srat.

Neočekivani krivci: MUP otkrio tko dodatno stvara gužve na autocestama

Shared with: Public, Danijel Turina, Ermin Hasičević
- 2018-08-04T10:37:05+0000
+Danijel Turina Genitalci! Fala kurcu da su skužili. E sad, nisam siguran da će išta napravit u vezi toga.
- 2018-08-04T10:43:59+0000
+Ermin Hasičević Kako ne, kažnjavat će apsolutno sve, i one koji voze brzo i one koji voze presporo, s preklapanjem 10%. :)
- 2018-08-04T10:47:37+0000
+Danijel Turina Because ... državna blagajna mora uprihoditi više za sve svoje kumove, jarane i uhljebe.

I find it hilarious how the scientists, who used this weapon of skepticism ag...
- 2018-07-30T06:44:40+0000 - Updated: 2018-07-30T06:44:40+0000
I find it hilarious how the scientists, who used this weapon of skepticism against religious people, in order to make the general masses doubt the existence of God because God could not be readily and easily demonstrated, have now found themselves in the identical position of not being able to readily and easily demonstrate the facts to the masses. It's not that I didn't predict this decades ago, but I still find it funny. Of course people doubt that you've been to the Moon. You cannot reproduce the experience at will when faced with skepticism. That's how you "debunked" the mystics and the psychics. Can you show me God? No? Well that's evidence you're fake and there's no God. So the atheists themselves devised this method, and now they squirm when it's used against them. Sure, they try to prove their point but it's not working: the arguments work against those who are willing to accept them, but not against the skeptics. Those who were trained to be skeptical, will have their minds universally closed - against God, against transcendence, against science, against inaccessible evidence, against abstract evidence.

Most Russians believe NASAs lunar missions were fake

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The Russians should accept their part of the blame for this, which is like 80...
- 2018-07-29T13:01:12+0000 - Updated: 2018-07-29T13:01:12+0000
The Russians should accept their part of the blame for this, which is like 80%. They are the ones who allowed the ISIS and Al Nusra to evacuate, and guess what they did? Found another place to terrorize. They need to be killed, not allowed to leave. The American approach of leveling Raqqa, which the Russians sanctimoniously criticized, was actually the correct one.

Trumps got mother of all migraines coming on; ISIS is back in Iraq

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- 2018-07-29T19:05:28+0000
Americans were not criticised for Raqqa, while Russians would be for the same thing in Syria. It looks like, here they are your beloved, feel free to deal with them as you like.

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Shared with: Public, Ermin Hasičević
- 2018-07-26T19:07:11+0000
England didnt win any medal in the World Cup except the wooden one but hey ... theyre getting The White Helmets! Priceless!
- 2018-07-26T19:23:48+0000
+Ermin Hasičević Well they paid for them already so they might as well have them. :)
- 2018-07-26T19:49:24+0000
Seems fair enough. Along wit Brexit it makes a good riddance. But there must always be some fuck-up as it seems motherfuckers will finally be able to lay down their hands on Assange because they got their way with Ecuadorians and as soom as that happens good ol Juliand is on his way to Guantanamo for a sessio of waterboarding.

What a storm in a teapot, all of it.<br>If you put a high-power CPU or GPU in...
- 2018-07-25T14:22:38+0000 - Updated: 2018-07-26T07:21:16+0000
What a storm in a teapot, all of it.
If you put a high-power CPU or GPU in a thin laptop, it will overheat and be thermal-limited. If you buy such a laptop based on paper specs, and expect it to miraculously perform, you're just ignorant.
I have an i7 desktop with a 1080ti. When I crank it up, it manages to heat up the entire room so much, it's unlivable without air conditioning. It's literally a space heater. The cooling on the machine itself is massive, and you need that if you don't want it to thermal-throttle. I literally have 9 fans in the computer: 3 on the GPU, 1 on the PSU, 1 on the CPU, 3 on the intake and 1 on the exhaust. If you put that kind of power in a laptop, it's going to shit itself. Apple is selling people magic dust, they sell them the belief that you can cheat physics because magical Apple unicorn draught.
Sure, it makes sense to have a powerful CPU in a laptop if you don't intend to do sustained 100% loads, for instance if you work in Lightroom which pulls 100% peaks for a few seconds but then idles and allows the CPU to cool down. In those cases this strategy makes sense; you have power when you need it, and you never hit the thermal wall. But if you render video, just give up and buy something with proper cooling like Lenovo P52, because magic dust and rainbows are no replacements for bigger heatpipes and heatsinks.
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