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- 2018-08-11T09:28:41+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-11T09:28:41+0000
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OK, so let's put this in context. Ohio class are the strategic nuclear su...
- 2018-08-10T11:34:42+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-10T11:34:42+0000
OK, so let's put this in context. Ohio class are the strategic nuclear submarines. They are the ones who can launch MIRVed SLBMs as either a first strike or a retaliatory response, and would have the greatest chance of success in actually pulling off a strike. The land-based ICBMs are just targets, the aircraft-based launches are just targets. Now, have in mind that the Russian ship was not just tracking this sub, it was deliberately letting it know it's being tracked, in a sense "launch something and you die". If the Russians wanted to sink it, it would be done. Now, if Americans have any brains in their heads, they would stop fucking with the Russians immediately, because odds are, if Russians wanted to kill them, they could probably do so with impunity.

Russian warship tracked down, watched 'stealthy' US nuclear sub in Med for hours paper

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- 2018-08-09T16:39:58+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-09T16:39:58+0000

Butterflies 2018

Shared with: Public, Danijel Turina, Robin Kalfat
- 2018-08-10T09:59:47+0000
Nice! I recently acquired the Sony 90 mm f/2.8 macro lens as well and tested it last weekend at the butterfly house. I hot some nice shots but the light and composition in your photos is better. Was the butterfly naturally illuminated with respect to the background or did you use an external light source with a dissipater?
- 2018-08-10T10:04:58+0000
+Robin Kalfat It's all natural light, but the trick is that the illumination in the forest is uneven, so you occasionally get a spot of light on the butterfly, and shade in the surrounding area, which creates huge contrast which naturally isolates your subject.
- 2018-08-10T10:07:51+0000
+Danijel Turina Besides, you can't use a macro flash with butterflies because then you only get one shot and then it's spooked and flies off. However, in order to get a good picture, in a situation where butterflies move, and the flowers slightly move in the wind, you have a big failure rate - out of focus, or whatever. The first shot will almost never be worth spooking the butterfly.
- 2018-08-10T10:25:29+0000
Cool, I was also curious about your other macro shots of flowers where you isolated the subject and darkened the background to black. Can you share more details about how that was done?
- 2018-08-10T10:34:50+0000
+Robin Kalfat Same thing. You can see the variations in lighting on those 3 butterfly shots, just look at the shade of green in the background, varying from light to dark. Well, if you have really strong light on the motive (flower, butterfly etc.) and you expose for it, the background can then be several stops less exposed, to the point of looking completely black.
- 2018-08-10T10:49:10+0000
Thanks, Ill have to experiment with that!

Russia needs to expel the American ambassador from Moscow, terminate diplomat...
- 2018-08-09T19:36:15+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-09T19:36:15+0000
Russia needs to expel the American ambassador from Moscow, terminate diplomatic relations with USA and declare a state of war. Nothing less would stop this American bullshit fest.

Hello, Russia! Heres a nice letter for your president, and a bird-flip from the US State Department

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- 2018-08-07T18:03:29+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-07T18:03:29+0000
Shared with: Public, Ermin Hasičević
- 2018-08-07T21:19:50+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-08T09:45:00+0000
Its annoyingly predictable that Russia Today, in US and UK, are the next ones.
- 2018-08-09T17:14:27+0000
+Ermin Hasičević There's only so far all this demonizing Russia can go before the Russians say, "ok, hold my beer".

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I wrote an article now. <br>And BTW, you know why the social media is free to...
- 2018-08-07T08:33:51+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-07T08:35:38+0000
I wrote an article now.
And BTW, you know why the social media is free to you, although it makes immense amounts of money to the owners? The same way the slaughterhouse services are free for the cow.

How to win | Danijel Turina blog

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Reshared by: Ivica Ložić
- 2018-08-07T19:04:36+0000
I wouldnt even mind about the fact that so called free service is free because they actually advertise to me all kind of shit they get paid to push to the users but banning somebody for some time or totally suspending somebodys account because he/she butthurt some fascist untermenschen goatfucker, delusional libtard or feminist bitch and they call it, in PC terms, a breach of the community standards ... thats ultimate hypocrisy!
I hope we get rid of Googles, Facebook and Youtube free services and get some real democratic and decentralized kind of social network and multimedia platform in a near future.
- 2018-08-07T19:54:37+0000
+Ermin Hasičević Well, we had usenet and e-mail but people preferred the web interface so there you go.
- 2018-08-07T20:50:23+0000
+Danijel Turina Yeah, even nowadays shitty Facebook groups cannot match usability of the Usenet back then but you could get banned even on the Usenet. But still, it was less of an effort to get back in few minutes if you cared. :D

This is one of the reasons why I was always against &quot;social media&quot;....
- 2018-08-06T20:41:56+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-06T20:41:56+0000
This is one of the reasons why I was always against "social media". First they offer you a convenient free service. Then you understand it's not actually free, and it's not a service to you, but to the advertisers, and you are the merchandise. And later you understand that it has a central point of control and that the person in charge basically controls who speaks and who is blocked, guiding the masses by means of carrots and whips to serve his own political agenda. And then you understand that you are a slave, because you invested so much into this social media pile of garbage, that you no longer have a life outside of it, and you are too much of a coward to start a revolution, at least by walking away and using something that requires real social interaction, like e-mail.

War on InfoWars? YouTube shuts down Alex Jones channel with 2.5mn subscribers

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- 2018-08-05T11:39:28+0000 - Updated: 2018-08-05T11:39:28+0000
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