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This reminds me of the arguments against Olympus E1 camera that I had to go t...
- 2018-11-01T16:11:33+0000 - Updated: 2018-11-01T16:11:33+0000
This reminds me of the arguments against Olympus E1 camera that I had to go through a while ago - "oh, the 5 megapixels, oh the autofocus, it's crap, Canon is better". The theoretical arguments would fall apart once people would see the pictures made by that camera, which had amazingly clean and beautiful colors.
The specs on paper can deceive you, mostly because they are just one dimension. Especially because people tend to think that resolution equals image quality. No, other things make image quality, and resolution comes into play only after you magnify the image too much.
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My opinion on this is as follows:<br>- I basically love the concept of electr...
- 2018-10-31T15:49:56+0000 - Updated: 2018-11-01T20:00:27+0000
My opinion on this is as follows:
- I basically love the concept of electric cars. Li-ion batteries, not so much
- everything that's environmentally wrong with smartphones is exponentially more wrong with electric cars that use the same battery type
-if electricity is produced by clean energy (Thorium/molten salt liquid fuel fission, hydrothermal, solar) it's great. If it's produced by coal, natural gas, oil or hydro (destroys large portions of natural environment by creating the accumulation lakes), it might be worse than combusting oil or gas in cars
-if oil is a limited natural resource, lithium is a million times more so
-the problem of range and recharging is not solved with batteries, and is unlikely to be solved ever, because charging a powerful battery or a supercapacitor quickly means lots of amps through a conduit, and lots of amps means a huge fire hazard. Also, since battery is a main component of the vehicle, it's unlikely to be swapped successfully at a charging station, because it's too valuable, equivalent to an engine swap in a petrol car.

However, if an efficient, light, sturdy beta-emission nuclear cell becomes cheap and safe at any point, that might make the whole thing suddenly very interesting, because that would give cars the same kind of autonomy and durability that we have in nuclear submarines. You just want to make it sturdy and light enough not to spill isotopes around in case of an accident.
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The reaction on the social media shows how indoctrinated with Marxism everybo...
- 2018-10-30T06:22:20+0000 - Updated: 2018-10-30T06:22:20+0000
The reaction on the social media shows how indoctrinated with Marxism everybody really is. No, slavery didn't do shit. The parts of America that kept slaves were backward and poor; the North industrialised exactly because there was no cheap slave labor to compete with the machines, so those were developed, to great effect. A combination of a very simple state structure, patent laws that encouraged invention (one hoped to become rich with patents), and, first and foremost, influx of some of the most competent people from abroad, like Tesla, is what made America. However, it still wasn't much - the difference between America and Argentina for instance, before the world wars, was insignificant. It's after the second world war, after Europe was completely ruined, and America essentially robbed it of the intellectual cream of the crop, controlled the world's monetary system, and had the military upper hand, not to mention the occupying forces on the ground, that America surged up compared to Europe. The reasons are complex, but slavery played zero part in them. Also, the free land didn't mean that much, or Australia for instance would be in the same ballpark, which it is not. Slavery exists even today in some countries, and how does it affect them? They are without exception among the poorest and least developed countries in the world. So much about the Marxist analysis, stating that if someone is rich, he must have robbed someone. Exactly the opposite seems to be true - where people are allowed to rob others, this interferes with the complexity of processes required for technological development.

You mean... slavery? Uproar after conservative think tank says free trade gave US economic edge

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The success stories of feminism. :)
- 2018-10-25T07:03:29+0000 - Updated: 2018-10-25T07:03:29+0000
The success stories of feminism. :)
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Let me explain in very simple and clear terms what this means. Intermediary-r...
- 2018-10-21T12:07:38+0000 - Updated: 2018-10-21T12:07:38+0000
Let me explain in very simple and clear terms what this means. Intermediary-range rockets with nuclear payloads are those that America installs in Eastern Europe close to Russian borders so that they could arrive to Moscow so quickly, the Russians don't get enough time to analyse the situation and provide an adequate response. All the supposedly "anti-Iran" rocket "defenses" installed in Romania and Poland are going to be armed with those intermediary-range nuclear rockets.
The last time that was done, when Pershing II was installed in Western Germany, the Soviet Union threatened immediate nuclear retaliation if they are put into service, and the crisis got so bad, that after several close calls with Russian defenses on a hairline trigger, Reagan decided to end the cold war and be friends with Russia.
The political situation right now is much, much worse than it was in 1983-1987. In order to counter this, the Russians would have to have all their nuclear forces either on a hairline trigger, or on a dead man's hand trigger.
Those weapons are biased heavily against Russia and are a first-strike only weapon. They have no defensive purpose whatsoever. What biases them against Russia is the fact that America can put them in Europe, and Russia can't put them in Latin America, and geography determines the flight times. This means that America doesn't have to put the missiles on a ballistic trajectory; they can use a stealthy small cruise missile that only has to fly from Poland or Lithuania or Romania to Moscow, not across the ocean. This means they can perform a surprise nuclear attack to kill the Russian leadership and their urban population, which of course will make the Russians extremely paranoid and trigger-happy, like it did in the 1980s, when it was last implemented. Only this time the Russians will no longer trust the West because the last time they did that, they suffered grave consequences.
So, you tell me what this means.

Whats INF & why does it matter? Trump wants to kill pivotal nuclear treaty that calmed the Cold War

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- 2018-10-22T15:33:06+0000
I guess that situation is much worse right now because there are no sane people anymore in Trumps cabinet, like there were in Reagans. Paul Craig Roberts comes to mind.
- 2018-10-22T16:14:09+0000
+Ermin Hasičević Honestly, the same people are in charge now as there were in the Obama administration, and the Bush administration, and so on. The policies are continuous, it's just the public face that changes.

I made a blog post about this.
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I prefer paying with my money to paying with my privacy, thank you very much,...
- 2018-10-19T08:36:53+0000 - Updated: 2018-10-19T08:36:53+0000
I prefer paying with my money to paying with my privacy, thank you very much, so I'll continue buying Apple for as long as other vendors subsidise their stuff so that they could use it as an advertisement-delivery platform. And if someone thinks I'm stupid for doing it, he can know that I think much worse of him in return.
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This hits home so hard exactly because the people today use social networking...
- 2018-10-17T05:22:43+0000 - Updated: 2018-10-17T05:22:43+0000
This hits home so hard exactly because the people today use social networking in order to coalesce in mobs along the lines of schematised, hysterical emotion and trivial ideas. The ideas of a mob are necessarily trivial because a mob cannot agree on or process complexity, and the emotions are necessarily hysterical because a mob otherwise gets bored and disperses.
To be clear, the right-wing extremist sites are not necessarily different, they just feed the mob under their influence with a different sort of programming: exaggerate danger to activate amygdala, point at target, advertise one's own merchandise and Patreon account.
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- 2018-10-18T19:19:18+0000
But of course, the problem with this meme is that anyone can apply it to anything without any arguments, which makes it intellectually harmful, as it threatens to reduce any argument to either you agree with me or I will call you a NPC. I already saw it applied to Apple users, and I expect to see social media turn into a giant hall of mirrors with this.
- 2018-10-18T19:24:33+0000
Essentially we already had this on usenet ten years ago: if someone agreed with me he was called a drone or a cult member. By hating me one automatically became a worthy individual with a genuine, authentic and valuable opinion. This is an excellent way of dismissing contrary opinions, as long as you are intellectually dishonest enough.

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Meanwhile the leftists in the West are trying to import more Muslims here. Wh...
- 2018-10-14T06:11:57+0000 - Updated: 2018-10-14T06:11:57+0000
Meanwhile the leftists in the West are trying to import more Muslims here. What could go wrong?

Pakistanis rally to demand death for Christian woman facing execution for blasphemy (PHOTOS)

Shared with: Public, Danijel Turina, Ermin Hasičević
- 2018-10-14T09:20:09+0000
From the Western feminist point of view its all legit, I presume.
- 2018-10-14T10:36:52+0000
+Ermin Hasičević Well, the Muslims and the feminists are exactly the same kind of tolerant.
- 2018-10-14T10:41:53+0000
+Danijel Turina Yes, as they kind of both hate white heterosexual man and are trying to rip him off.
- 2018-10-14T11:05:04+0000
+Ermin Hasičević The similarity goes even deeper. They both create hellholes wherever their philosophy is applied, and yet they believe that all problems of the world will vanish once their philosophy is applied universally and all their enemies are killed.

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