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This is an interesting article in that absolutely all the points its author t...
- 2012-10-07T16:43:05+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-07T16:43:05+0000
This is an interesting article in that absolutely all the points its author tries to make are completely wrong. I hope nobody listens to him as he is a) communist and b) clueless.

Why a naked Apple would be a better company - CNN.com

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I don't touch that shit anyway (my idea of energy drink is a cold lemonad...
- 2012-10-07T10:29:02+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-07T10:29:02+0000
I don't touch that shit anyway (my idea of energy drink is a cold lemonade) but this is seriously funny. :)

How To Drink Red Bull Total Zero: Not At All

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This is a nice machine but a Lenovo U310 is $300 less and is basically the sa...
- 2012-10-06T14:03:40+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-06T14:03:40+0000
This is a nice machine but a Lenovo U310 is $300 less and is basically the same thing, as you download your favorite flavor of linux in a few minutes and boot it from a thumb drive. And you get a win7 license you can use for either a dual boot or a virtual machine, which makes this machine a rather questionable proposition.

Dreaming of a Linux Ultrabook? Meet the New ZaReason UltraLap 430 | PCWorld

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- 2012-10-06T14:14:10+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-06T14:17:54+0000
Oh yeah, I see its raison d'etre now: it has a penguin sticker. This is so a must for any chick with glasses who wants to attract guys with glasses.

- 2012-10-07T15:19:03+0000
Guess what duuuude ... I launched Backtrack5 on my samsung slate last night... I did the USB drive and just had to change the startup disk option in the BIOS... Was cool .. All works but a bit useless since no touchy drivers
- 2012-10-07T15:21:52+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-07T15:22:51+0000
Well, Ubuntu has been the choice for having your hardware supported properly, for quite a few years. Of course, they break it all over again with new patches to the kernel but that's living on the bleeding edge for ya. (But Unity and all, how's their touchscreen support, I never tried that?)
- 2012-10-07T15:30:22+0000
On Backtrack and straight after the installation i didnt get touch screen ... I have windows 8 on which works like magic on the slate
- 2012-10-07T15:34:41+0000
Win8 might be great on phones and tablets but desktop... I'm not really convinced it's a good idea, not unless they implement Kinect into it so that you can wave your hand in front of the screen in multitouch gestures and stuff happens. That would be awesome but I just can't see it happen quickly. In the meantime, mouse/keyboard interface combined with UI designed for the touchscreen looks like a very clumsy proposition.
- 2012-10-07T15:38:25+0000
True in a way but the beauty of the slate is that it docks when ur working and its touch and stylus tablet when reading or watching or socialising electronically
- 2012-10-07T15:40:16+0000
I'm considering the Asus padfone, it's phone/tablet/netbook all in one device, but I'm waiting for the win8 devices to come out. Some might be designed along similar guidelines, only better.
- 2012-10-07T15:42:45+0000
I tried the phone combination on the galaxy tab ... Didnt work for me .. So i opted to samsung note atm for such usage.
- 2012-10-07T15:46:03+0000
Right now I have some sort of controlled chaos; 4s as a phone, win7/linux combo as a desktop and Mac Air as a laptop, and miraculously that seems to work for me. Tablets - well, as I happen to write a lot a keyboardless computer is not something I'm too happy about so I let this one pass me by. If I could plug the cellphone into one and extend the screen temporarily for reading, that would be great, but as one more individual device, well, not so much.

My main objection to SETI is that it's basically a good idea to try, but ...
- 2012-10-06T17:06:00+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-06T17:06:00+0000
My main objection to SETI is that it's basically a good idea to try, but only to make sure it won't work. The entire SETI concept is based in Carl Sagan's limited ideas about the way a technological civilization would work - basically, he expected a civilization to develop technology and then maintain an undercurrent of radio noise. It was an idea based on the technology of his time, but merely decades after we mostly switched away from omnidirectional radio broadcasts and toward directional satellite transmissions or cable networks. Satellites obviously don't transmit anything significant into space, and cables even less so. What remains are our short distance wifi and cellular signals which probably look like planetary background static.

So the window of omnidirectional radio usage was between 1940's and 2020's, and then you get only short distance gigahertz or terahertz encrypted digital traffic, and everything long distance is transferred either by optics or by satellites. The radio and TV stations will go the way of horse cart very soon, because even now the younger people use either internet or cable/satellite TV, and local radio and TV stations are primarily used by older people, unaccustomed to new tech. 

So basically SETI bets the house on detecting the way of communication that was used by our civilization for some 80 years, let's give it a 100 years, before it developed something better. To put this in perspective, human species is around for some 200000 years in this evolutionary form, and has some form of civilization since the end of the last glaciation. We have electricity for two centuries and radio waves for a similar period of time, and we already switched from general to directional broadcast, and from 1:M communication to M:M. As I said, it was worth a try, but I always gave it almost 0 probability of success. A much better bet would be to build very large interferometers somewhere in the Lagrange points and use them to make optical observation of extrasolar planets.
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+1'd by: Count Alda
- 2012-10-07T15:01:20+0000
SETI is to spy on mobile phones mate ... Not what they tell you on TV .. Furthermore ... If Aliens do exist ... Chances are they are here already ... If since recorded history they havent made a public appearance this means they will never do thats IF intelligent life does exist somewhere else... IF
- 2012-10-07T15:07:44+0000
Well, I would say you're wrong; those who spy on mobile phones are so far ahead of SETI it's not even funny. SETI is basically Carl Sagan's pet project that is kept alive by his fans. It did have some good side effects, like distributed cluster computing developed initially by seti@home project, and put to a much better use by BOINC, folding@home and like.
But trying to listen to radio waves in hope of getting a message from the aliens, well, it's an incredibly long shot. A much more effective course of action would be to visually identify planets with probable life and then to listen, directionally. Although, if we put the window of opportunity for radio communication into the equations of probabilities for life, intelligent life and technologically capable intelligent life, we get immensely low probabilities of success.
- 2012-10-07T15:11:48+0000
I agree regarding the possibilities ... If they exist amd they are way advanced ahead of us they would of unlocked such abilities as telepathy and holographic memory which meams they dont need to talk or use a tv or radio or anything that requires radio transmission. In 10000 years u think us humans will still be using radio and tv and such technologies ?
- 2012-10-07T15:13:38+0000
Not even we would need a phone anymore .... Communication would be done on the consciousness level with a tiny processor embedded in your brain to help you process at such frequencies ... Internally
- 2012-10-07T15:17:31+0000
The better question is, what would a civilization so advanced want to do with us? Someone with interstellar travel and other tech on that level (intelligent computers or in fact a complete switch from organic to cybernetic vehicles for the mind) would want to contact us as much as we want to contact cows. If they didn't taste well and if they didn't produce milk, we'd have no use for them.
Humans tend to anticipate some form of interstellar united nations when it's much more probable to have a first contact scenario similar to the one native Americans had with the Europeans. They'd probably just clear us away to use the planet for themselves, as the Europeans did with the natives.
- 2012-10-07T15:24:26+0000
+Danijel Turina i like your brain mate ... Thumbs up.
- 2012-10-07T15:25:49+0000
Cheers! :)
- 2012-10-07T15:27:46+0000
If Aliens exist that means there are millions of alien intelligent civs which suggests that they must of already made contact with us just for the fact that our planet is a special one between few thousand other planets around us. I always wished that they exist and that we are not alone but i lost faith few years ago
- 2012-10-07T15:32:03+0000
Well, I started by believing that aliens made contact quite some time ago in our early history, but now, I'm just not so sure. We might not be all that interesting to anyone but ourselves. Even our planet might not be all that interesting; if someone can travel lightyears in a sec, that allows him to have a very good choice of habitable or teraformable planets, which makes this place not really all that unique. 

Those drone attacks are idiotic. First of all, they kill mostly civilians. Se...
- 2012-10-05T07:25:33+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-05T07:25:33+0000
Those drone attacks are idiotic. First of all, they kill mostly civilians. Second, those civilians have relatives who want to avenge them and the simplest way is to join the ranks of anti-American combatants. Thus you make more Taliban and Al Qaeda by fighting Taliban and Al Qaeda in this manner. 

This is exactly the way America lost the Vietnam war. First they were fighting VC. Then the VC started hiding among the civilians. Then the Americans started killing the civilians, either for retaliation or for fun. Then the ranks of VC swelled and America lost the war.

With this tactics, America created entire generations of people who hate America and this is going to bite them.

The folly of drone attacks and U.S. strategy - CNN.com

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There's a year old and highly bullshitful article which is nevertheless v...
- 2012-10-05T19:08:18+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-05T19:08:18+0000
There's a year old and highly bullshitful article which is nevertheless very interesting in that it apparently shows duplicity of the scientific community's PR. In public they say there are no risks, yet internally it seems to be a different story. However I did not follow through the article's sources so I cannot vouch for their authenticity, and I call the article itself bullshitful because it tries to play with emotions.


CERN affirms 70% chances of strangelets.

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This one looks very good (of course it does, being a Macbook Pro clone), and ...
- 2012-10-03T20:05:18+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-04T11:09:01+0000
This one looks very good (of course it does, being a Macbook Pro clone), and is normally priced. 
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Interesting stuff.<br><br>This Acer on top actually looked cool until I searc...
- 2012-10-03T12:40:35+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-03T16:39:14+0000
Interesting stuff.

This Acer on top actually looked cool until I searched for it on the local hardware store websites and saw it costs 1300 EUR or so. This is way more than the competition, and I mean the Asus 13" ultrabook which is some 500 EUR cheaper: http://www.hgshop.hr/artikl.aspx?pid=11798

The 5 Best Laptops You Can Buy This Fall

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I guess we can expect that in Europe once the Muslims obtain the majority. I&...
- 2012-10-02T07:39:49+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-02T07:39:49+0000
I guess we can expect that in Europe once the Muslims obtain the majority. I'd like to show this to the muslim apologists who claim that Islam hides women under veils to "protect them from men", that it is not a symbol of a deeply repressed condition of women in Islam as the western apologists claim.


Rights group: Police rape woman in Tunisia, then charge her with indecency - CNN.com

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This is so true.<br>When I founded my company I laid out very simple rules fo...
- 2012-10-01T15:55:27+0000 - Updated: 2012-10-01T15:55:27+0000
This is so true.
When I founded my company I laid out very simple rules for my customer support and they are:

1. Find out what a customer needs and solve their problem. Work with them through the process. They are not expected to know the complexities of IT, they just want to run their business; we do the IT. If we can't do something for them, we'll find them someone who can. The goal is to fill in the blanks and get the customer's website into production. If they need a web designer, find them one. If they need hosting, recommend a good one. If their apache server isn't running properly, tell them how to edit /etc/apache2/apache2.conf.

2. If someone deliberately annoys, humiliates or insults you, send them to the competition. We are not in the business of putting up with people's crap. Putting up with people's crap would cost them substantially more money than IT. 

This is more-less it. There are no other rules. The 99% of the customers are always ok and polite, but you always get that 1% guy who thinks he owns you because "you need his money". Well the fact is we need money, but we're in IT business, not in putting up with crap business.

Top 5 reasons why The Customer Is Always Right is wrong

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